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Thu, 23 October 2014


The Broken Heart Syndrome

It is a way of saying, but it is also real. A broken heart can be a state of mind and a condition caused by grief. An intense emotional stress can trigger what is clinically known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, a rare and temporary condition where part of a person’s heart suddenly becomes weakened or…


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"Another World - Un altro mondo"…

Thomas Torelli
A feature documentary about the journey of mankind to discover who we…
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A Sea Of Crimson

Photo: Nature Afield
The heavy Autumn rains are like a signal for them. Time has come to…
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The Consciousness Hierarchy

Paolo D'Arpini
In the consciousness hierarchy there are three stages: 1) Jivatman…

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Farm Holidays
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Nicola Artuso

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Antonella Vivianne Ercolani:Di…

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A River Runs.jpg
Voices, Thoughts and Poetry

A River Runs Through It

Photo: Been Seen
Of course now I am too old to be much of a fisherman, and now of…
Make Room.jpg
Voices, Thoughts and Poetry

Make Room To Receive Your Desires

Photo: SoundCloud
When you want to attract something into your life, make sure your…
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Join Spiritual!

Share your initiatives with us. Do you hold courses in holistic…
A Tall Man.jpg
Voices, Thoughts and Poetry

A Tall Man

Photo: Colourbox
A tall man stood in the doorway. He held a crushed Stetson hat under…

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