Mon, 20 February 2017

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Seminar  -  Sacred Dances, Biodance and others

Global Gurdjieff Movements Gathering 2017

Corfu Island  -  From  03/06/2017  to  10/06/2017
Gurdjieff Movements will be practiced, will be emphasis on the Inner work . Inner work supports balance in our daily lives and supports our Wish to Be for the Benefit of All Beings. The Seminar will…
Greece   -  Sacred Dances, Biodance and others
Course  -  Hatha (Yoga)

Hatha Yoga classes with Chaitanya Mayi

Roma  -  From  21/02/2015  to  31/07/2015
Practice of the ancient yoga postures focused on correct body alignment through deep stretching of the muscles. This practice offers to all levels of practitioners stress relief, a flexible and…
Italy   -  Hatha (Yoga)
Seminar  -  Meditation

Initiation-Tuning to the Akashic Records

Roma  -  From  21/02/2015  to  22/02/2015
Introducing conference Tuesday, June 10 at 19 H at Zu studio, / Phoenix Place BN72QJ -LEWES- UK Saturday June 14, 10-18 H Initiation-Tuning to the Akashic Records levels 1and2 with Cristina Vignato…
Italy   -  Meditation
Seminar  -  Yoga

Yoga and Minfulness Retreat in Umbria, Italy

Pietralunga (PG)  -  From  06/03/2015  to  08/03/2015
Enjoy a full weekend of yoga and mindfulness. Take the opportunity to breath clean air, stretch your body, relax your mind, open your heart, surrounded by the wonderful green hills of Umbria, in…
Italy   -  Yoga
Event  -  Shamanism

Past Life Therapy & Soul Alignment with Deva Work®: no hypnosis, full awareness

Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)  -  From  10/03/2015  to  30/04/2015
Deva Work® is the direct path for your soul: the inner work that activates your enlightened part in full awareness and with non need of hypnosis. The tool the release forever discomforts,…
Italy   -  Shamanism
Seminar  -  Tantra

Inner Shakti Yoga and the Alchemy of Tantra

San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)  -  From  30/05/2015  to  01/06/2015
Remember that you are created to be a perfect being, so reclaim your real potential, your birth right. Uses the Sound of the Universe to help you discover your True Divine Potential. Invoke your true…
Italy   -  Tantra
Seminar  -  Shamanism

The Soul Circle

Torricella Peligna (Chieti)  -  From  19/07/2016  to  24/07/2016
The lure of mother earth that manifests itself with the need to be closer to nature and to live in everyday life and for deeper work on himself. Getting in touch and communicating with Earth allows…
Italy   -  Shamanism
Seminar  -  Astanga – Raja (Yoga)

Introduction to the Viniyoga of Yoga

Chianciano Terme (Siena)  -  From  06/08/2016  to  07/08/2016
Chiara Ghiron, 500 hour diploma with Antonio Olivieri (Associazione YogaViniyoga) and E-RYT200 will present an introduction to the Viniyoga of Yoga, a progressive vinyasa approach based on the…
Italy   -  Astanga – Raja (Yoga)
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Hatha (Yoga)

Life of a Yogi

Chianciano Terme (Siena)  -  From  12/08/2016  to  15/08/2016
Live a life of a Yogi in the inspiring nature of Toscana, Italy. A 4-day immersion experience in the world of yoga, in all its facets, physical, energetic, philosophical and spiritual in the…
Italy   -  Hatha (Yoga)
Lecture  -  Meditation

Introducing Chakras the 7 wheels of life

London  -  29/01/2017
Hello, my name is Maria. I'm an holistic therapist, Intuitive Painter and Musician. I live in London but I was born in Rome, Italy. My life is a creative and conscious exploration of the profoundity…
United Kingdom   -  Meditation

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Sacred water and intuitive colours

Londdon  -  09/02/2017
United Kingdom

Introducing Chakras the 7 wheels of life

London  -  29/01/2017
United Kingdom

Tibetan Buddhism Karma Kagyu

Roma (RM)  -  From  25/01/2017  to  26/01/2017

Guided meditation open to all and free of charge

Roma (RM)  -  From  01/01/2017  to  20/12/2017

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