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Tue, 02 September 2014

Weekly Horoscope



Weekly Horoscope by Spiritual

Week from 1 September 2014 to 7 September 2014

Weekly horoscope created by Spiritual exclusively for our Users


From June 21st to July 22nd

Your mind keeps focusing on the domestic environment. Whatever your commitments in the wide world, your thoughts go back there. Yet it is not the time to buy or rent a new home, there are potential risks of financial nature.
The contacts of personal nature tend to intensify. Friends, lovers and acquaintances weave with you a network of communications. Be careful not to overdo with social networks. You may also go on short trips and journeys. These lively days may offer you times of conflict and hilarious moments, but nothing that will leave a mark. New friendships are favoured with long term prospects.
Find some moments to indulge your domestic feelings and catch up on gardening, spend time tinkering in your garage, making jam (laying on your sofa?), just do anything that gives you peace and rest. Don't let others judge the 'waste of time', assert your right to an otium of philosophical and noble nature.
Also make the point in your daily habits in relation to your health. Is there anything you can improve?

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