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"Creation" is imagination in matter ...

Paolo D'Arpini
"Creation" is imagination in matter ...

For the purpose of an empirical understanding of the manifestation process, defined from a religious point of view as "creation", I share with you a reflection on verse 6 of Arunachala Ashtaka, by Ramana Maharshi (Talks).

In this verse the small dot = ego is analyzed.

The small dot made up of darkness = the ego consisting of latent tendencies; the observer or subject or ego that arises expands itself in the form of what is seen, the object and the internal organ of perception.

The reflected light operating in the mind must be suffused for this ego to arise. In broad daylight a rope cannot be mistaken for a snake. The rope itself cannot even be seen if there is thick darkness so that there is no possibility of mistaking it for a snake. Only in a weak or soft light can the mistake of exchanging a rope for a snake occur.

The same thing happens for the Pure and Radiant Being who emerges as an ego, this is possible only in a light surrounded by darkness. This darkness is otherwise known as Primitive Ignorance (or Original Sin).

The light that transpires through this ignorance is called "Reflected Light". This Reflected Light is known as Ishwara or God. Indeed, it is known that the manifestation of Ishwara occurs through Maya (its power of Illusion). The other name in which this Power is called is "Pure Mind", or Satva quality, this implies that there is also an "impure mind" and this is represented by the ego, which is a next step in the reflection of the Light of Consciousness. Supreme through Rajas, or active quality of the mind.

Finally, the external or material aspect of the event arises, through the Tamas quality, or inertia, which manifests itself in the form of the internal organs of perception and their external objects.

From the physiological point of view it can be said that this outsourcing process proceeds through the brain. The different states of waking, dream and deep sleep therefore originate from that original ignorance, with the mind turning to the outside (through the projective process of the inner apparatus) experiencing the waking and dream condition and retiring into deep sleep in latency.

All these obviously are only "phenomena" that appear through the Reflected Light on the Substrate of Existence and Absolute Awareness of the self-luminous Self.

So the world cannot be "independent" of its Source, and this is how the One Being becomes many. The Power that manifests this Game of Existence is really great! And the realization of one's original Nature is the joyful purpose of life.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 20 May 2020Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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