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Each disease is part of an expiatory and evolutionary karmic process

From the "karmic" point of view of the cause-and-effect spiritual law, each disease is the functional cause for meeting the payment needs of some "debts" contracted by the soul. In truth the only certain thing once the soul has taken on a body is that the time will come when this body will be abandoned, it is called the process of birth-death.The experiences that are lived in the time frame in which the soul remains in the physical form are all established in the book of fate and have an educational function to bring the soul back to its true source which is the Spirit, or Absolute Awareness. In the game of life, as happens in the various frames of a film, it is enclosed a hypothetical path which is nothing more than an imaginary reflection in the mental mirror. In fact, the mind is compared to a mirror that reflects the images projected by consciousness making them appear "external" to the consciousness itself that observes them.
This process is also called "splitting of consciousness into the triad observer, observed, observation". But let us leave these metaphysical descriptions aside and return to the analysis of how karma manifests itself. We said that once you are born, you have to die. The way in which this death occurs is dictated by the fate chosen by the soul to meet the needs of its evolutionary position. Once upon a time one could die of leprosy, with a slow and long agony in which various stages of depression and humiliation were experienced. Or you could die hit by a dart in battle, with an injury, from exhaustion, starvation or physical dysfunction of any kind. Even today there is no shortage of death, you can die in various ways: by road accident, by environmental poisoning, by abandonment in a hospice, etc. In short, all ways of dying satisfy different karmic needs.
That some epidemic diseases such as plague, cholera, etc. have almost disappeared however, it did not prevent fate from finding new forms of expiation to meet these needs, in fact today Covid-19, an evil influence, is raging. But in the last century, the disease par excellence is cancer that takes on various aspects and forms, both in the genus and in the ways of dealing with it. Examining this from a naturalistic point of view, each disease is only an organic degeneration that shows some aspects of the imbalance that the body-mind is going through. And in the system adopted to combat this imbalance, or the "way" in which this degeneration is addressed, a karmic indication of the soul involved follows.
For example, you can become ill with cancer, not knowing it and when death occurs, define its cause as "old age" or "weakening", etc. or you can discover the disease and face the ordeal of invasive, torturing and slow treatments, such as chemotherapy, chemical drug stuffing, etc. (which corresponds to certain expiatory needs of the soul), or you can cure the disease through actions of energy rebalancing, with natural systems, such as simple elemental methods based on the movement and readjustment of the psychic and physical energies involved in the process referred to as "disease ”, The simplest system being the correct diet.
But these are small examples in the enormous range of possibilities involved in the karmic course towards physical exhaustion, functional causes of a given karmic payment, at this time when the internal-external imbalance is very pronounced in our society, following the blindness that leads man to consider himself abstract from nature and consequently that pushes him to the arrogance of wanting to self-manage, regardless of the whole of the vital context, his existence on the planet, results in the karmic retribution of long and painful diseases and general states of malaise.
Alienation from life leads to alienation from oneself, hence the onset of degenerative diseases such as cancer and consequent "cures" which in reality are only worsening of the psychophysical condition, that is, which entail further mental and physical degradation. But it is said that man learns through a process of trial and error whereby intelligence is supposed to prevail in the end ...
Paolo D’Arpini
Lay Spirituality Committee


Date: 20 April 2020Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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