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For a lay and free spirituality. Open Testament to Dulcinea

lay and free spirituality
Dear friends, I am here, as usual, throw in the wind against the windmills ... I am left alone, even Sancho Panza is gone (they offered him a job as an attendant at the Opus Dei canteen), patience I still have Dulcinea left and I have seen fit to write the following will before the final departure .... "Dearest Dulcinea, we have reached a" redde rationem ", know that I have entrusted myself to you for the continuation of the struggle for transparency and secularism, my motto is "justice and freedom". And now listen well, you who are a sensitive and intelligent girl will have already understood that an adjustment of the functional mechanisms of society is underway, you also know that these mechanisms are not "adjusted" by what are officially the hierarchies apparent in command in society, but by very few insiders who do not figure in any scale of political, economic or religious power.

Yet evolutionary intelligence, the collective unconscious of humanity, often uses people, like you and me, to insert new thought forms and new paradigms. To serve as social catalysts, these people need not embody any form of apparent supremacy, authority or control in society. And you guess why .... Everything that is apparent has only an apparent function while what does not appear always remains as a substratum.

And now a small incident, at the end the pope officially confirmed that "pedophile priests must be judged by the justice bodies of the states in which they have committed abuses", perhaps this was a sign of Vatican honesty and cleanliness, as a will to amend and a recognition of goodwill, on the surface. In truth it has been admitted by the pope that he is governing a rotten institution in which malpractice, immorality, hypocrisy and the hidden and dirty economy have taken total precedence over religion, in fact, despite the attempts made so far to hiding the rot and the stench, the facts and the lies told have unquestionably come out.

For two thousand years this rot and this stench accumulate, and how many deaths and how many humiliations has the church caused humanity in all these centuries?

It has finally been indirectly admitted that all of this has happened. Since it could not happen that the priests became pedophiles, so overnight, it could only happen if the rot was rooted and allowed over the centuries, as it could not be that the IOR and the Vatican organized shady political-economic affairs if there were no first in the church was the sale of indulgences, the crusades, the burning of heretics and witches and all the rest.

In short, the story of the beautiful "golden stole" was just a hoax and a scam and everyone can now see that the pope is naked, but who has the courage to say it openly? Not the haves and the powerful, no ... Only a child, in his innocence and naturalness can say it, making the pope and all his high prelates run away.

You, dear Dulcinea, will you say to me "why are you angry with the pope and not with the economic and financial potentates who now rule the world?" The fact is that first of all we have to undermine the hypocrisy of those who intend to embody a moral authority in society and then the structure that surrounds that hypocrisy collapses on its own ...

The Vatican is still the largest center of power, based on religion, much more compact than any other power, since the church is a closed structure in itself (a pure mafia) and hierarchically organized, it is a pyramid that starts from a popular base of ignorant and frightened good people to the height of moral wickedness. No other group is so well organized, neither the Zionist dome, nor the Muslim groups, nor the American capitalists, nor the European community, Russia or China, in short, no other structure is so widespread and so united and aimed at controlling the masses .

You Dulcinea - but also the others who read and reason with their heads - will now have guessed that in this historical moment the future of humanity is at stake. Some Masaniellis unfortunately believe they want to play a part in the epochal change for speculative reasons, taking advantage of the return of image, glory, power, awards, etc ... but it is not them that I am addressing at this moment, I am addressing you that you are modestly in your place doing your best to express justice and freedom. Since you are not one person, I will continue to call you Dulcinea anyway.

Your affectionate Don Quixote (alias Paolo D'Arpini)

Afterword with explanation:
"I have my own syncretic vision of human intelligence and I believe that acting and intervening on the current evils of religions, as well as of materialistic thought, is useful and necessary for the evolution of our species. I have noticed that there are strong foreclosures to secular intelligence (i.e. the acceptance of free thought in its various facets) both in the atheist and in the religious field, but I leave aside the atheist field since it does not affect society much while I want to continue to indicate religious evil as the most I don't know if in Italy it will be so easy to unhinge a "power" that is not only religious but economic and political.

Here we are disadvantaged against enemies well defended by an absurd number of believers, some are in good faith others fear hell .... others are simply clever. * In short, to contain the Vatican interference - in my opinion - it is necessary to provoke the leaders on their own level (the spiritual one), to attract them outside the walls of dogma and hit them one by one as soon as they leave. Unless, unless the "explosion" occurs within the church itself, which would lead to a simultaneous fall in the Vatican's political and economic influence, perhaps even to its bankruptcy. But as long as the Vatican troops are united and perched on lies and internal mafia power it will be hard to unhinge the fortress, there is always some Pietro Micca ready to sacrifice himself ... Faced with so many "crazy" only discrimination and detachment are needed, a game of chess of thought. Let us not let ourselves be taken by the heat, let us not react by throwing the child along with hot water, let us use discernment: it is okay to cancel ignorance, religions and ideologies but let us not cancel the spirit of man, his heart .... (Paul D'Arpini)


Date: 16 November 2020Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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