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Full moon in July, return to nature and Gurupurnima

Full moon
Through deep ecology, I learned to consider nature as my real home, also trying to draw my sustenance from it.

The rediscovery of belonging to the "HomeTerra" is a way to recognize the sacredness of life, in all its facets, and among the natural mysteries, those that most intrigue me are those related to the knowledge of plants. Only plants can keep certain secrets. Plants are undoubtedly the living beings closest to the primordial spirit and are the repositories of the magical power of life. Suffice it to say that at the beginning of religiosity and divination it was the plants that gave the first images of a "psychic" world that accompanies the material one.

Man wandering in nature has discovered the properties of some "spiritual" herbs that have allowed him to reconnect to the cosmos. In India, for example, the celebration of the full moon in July is particularly important because it is dedicated to the primordial Guru, who is Shiva himself, teacher of life and connoisseur of all the secrets of the forest and natural cycles.

In Europe and in the westernized world - unfortunately - the tendency to rationalize all knowledge and to regiment the calculation of time in an artificial way is one of the main causes of the conflict with the cycles of the Earth and of nature as a whole. This attempt to impose group mental thought-forms on seasonal and cosmic flows (which, in reality, should govern us), is causing ever greater dystonia with the Earth, also causing violence to our energy and biological systems.

It is as if our system fed on food not grown naturally, in gardens, but in factories, using synthetic ingredients. For humans, the way of living time is, in the present historical period, purely artificial, not following, as already mentioned, the cycles of nature.

Fortunately, there remain some "experiential cracks" that can lead us back to naturalness and one of these cracks is represented by the full moon of July. In this moment, with the arrival of the hot season, inhibitions are loosened, we feel closer to our origins, we like to go around naked and free and also the lunar rays are particularly strong and suggest new perspectives for holistic sharing.

In the Aztec culture, naturalistic theology was connected to the maximum expansion of the lunar disk, we perceive it for example in the hymn dedicated to the Venusian Feast. "The flower of my heart has opened, here is the midnight lady, she came - our mother - she came, she the goddess Tamoanchan ..."

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 6 July 2021Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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