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Intelligence and consciousness are present in every living form ..

The concept of spirituality is an attribution of human character. It is said that only man is able to experience self-consciousness and discriminative and rational intelligence. This ability can also be called "spirit" ...
At the same time since there is no such thing on this earth and in the universe, which can be said to be separate - as everything is manifested in the totality of the "whole" - and life itself is inseparable in its various manifestations, manifesting common roots in all its forms, of any kind and nature, we can guess that the characteristic of "consciousness-intelligence" is present in every living element, which demonstrates birth, growth and death, be it in different degrees.

Let's take the example of growth in "intelligence and conscience" as it happens in man. Starting from its formation as a union of spermatozoon and ovum, passing through its embryonic phase, the complete formation of the organs, the exit from the womb, at the beginning of its capacity for learning and discernment ... through various evolutionary moments which apparently differ in quality - however they represent a growth of the same subject.

If this happens in man, why not hypothesize that it can take place in every other vital form, even on a differentiated and different quality scale?

If we accept this premise as a presupposition of sharing the same quality of "consciousness and intelligence", then suddenly we can recognize in all that which is alive the "spiritual" quality ...

But not to be understood in a religious sense ... that is an assumption that it is not
of concerns to us, laymen and ecologists. No, we recognize the "spirit" as the capacity of life to express itself in energy forms with consciousness ... and here we can stop ...

Then, from a poetic and emotional point of view, why not describe the life of a tree as a spiritual expression of nature? What's wrong ...

Undeniably even a tree is alive and expresses itself through its biological functions and manifests desires and repulsions, like us humans ....

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 8 January 2021Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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