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The Awakening in which the "self" is recognized in Himself

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Awakening cannot be induced in others by words, that Awakening in which "oneself" is recognized in Himself, being as it truly is, complete, pure, real, perfect, without fear and without desires.

But "striving towards" cannot be "helped" by suppressing fears and desires. The disappearance of fears and desires must occur spontaneously, when discovering and loving our true self, we no longer fear anything and we no longer have desires.

So without sustaining trials or feeling stressed we can follow the two ways: that of love towards the outside and that of knowledge towards the inside. Which are only one.

Accompanying us along the way with "the others", all the others, who are part of us. By understanding ourselves and knowing ourselves we know and understand others, and by knowing others we understand ourselves, in dark and bright moments, and we can reflect and let others "reflect" in us.

We can easily ignore our ego, which always leads us to contrast, to differentiate ourselves, to put ourselves in opposition with what we blindly see different, but which is part of the same One. Sometimes the ego is unmasked and then a resounding laugh comes from the heart: I discovered you! Although he is often still there to take his space, unjustifiably and maliciously, again. Everyone plays his part in the game of Consciousness.

And when we come to know and accept ourselves completely, our actions are consonant with circumstances but they have no particular purpose, we don't need to fight against someone, we can love ourselves as the rest of the world indefinitely.

Manifesting our true qualities, without fear of the consequences and without expectations of results. Life is a game in which playing your part is essential.

The evolution would proceed in this way and can proceed in this way not so much or not only by trial and error, but through that intuitive awareness, which pulls the entire cellular and mental body forward ......

Complementarity leads to balance, to a clear vision of the two aspects, to spirit and matter, to darkness and light, to motion and inertia, in the understanding that we are all united and, as the essay says: "pain and pleasure they are the crests and depressions in the ocean of bliss. In depth there is absolute fullness "(Nisargadatta Maharaj)

Caterina Regazzi and Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 14 January 2021Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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