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The ideal community is where the concept of "ideality" does not arise

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The ideal community is where the concept of "ideality" does not arise

The ideal community we seek and pursue through the implementation of bioregionalism, deep ecology and lay spirituality is no different from that described by ancient China's sages as a result of Yin and Yang's energy balancing (negative and positive ). But at the same time this community can not be the result of a conceptualization, or the fruit of a theory. The idea of ideality is already a form of abstraction, while harmony is a natural fact, not the result of a calculation.

"When the Great Tao (the Harmonic Way) is practiced, the spirit of the common good pervades the world, men of talent and virtues are called to positions of responsibility, sincerity is considered and brotherhood is cultivated. Men love not only their parents, or treat as children only their children, the elders are cared until their death. There is work for the healthy and livelihoods for young people. Goodness and compassion are directed towards widows and orphans and to those who do not have children who provide them and to those who are disabled by illness. Men have good jobs and women have their homes. Everyone hates the waste of goods and yet does not accumulate them for their exclusive use. All
loathes not using fully their energies and yet do not use them solely for their own benefit. Selfish projects are ignored and prevented from being implemented. Brigands, thieves and traitors have disappeared so that the doors of each house are kept open without fear of any kind of evil. This is the era of the Great Community! " (Li Chi, Book IV - chapter 9 - Confucius)

If this ideal society - described by Li Chi- has existed hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago, long before it became definable as "bioregional", it could be most expected to be affirmed today, at a time we call civil and modern. An age when man is comforted in his journey by many scientific truths and by many new moral, social, and ecological considerations . Why does not it happen?

The answer is in the initial phrase ...

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 27 October 2017Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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