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The Satori waiting for us

There are moments in our existence where we can experience "the loss of reason". Not in the sense of to be out of mind but signifying the entry into a "psychic" condition in which it is no longer possible to judge what is right and what is wrong. A state of emptiness in which the internal observer observes the potential of the moment by substituting judgment with testimony.

And there it ends every affirmation or denial, every victory or defeat. I know that that glorious moment, in which "the present moment" triumphs, is the state of true birth and true bliss. Yet this "condition" manifests itself (and for me it happened dramatically) as a wedge of the functional motor of the mind. An emptiness that comes in front of the imponderable and unforeseeable.

Do you know the Zen story about the "satori"? One day a traveler found himself in front of a hungry tiger. Trying to escape his open jaws and his sharp claws, he took refuge on a precipice, clinging to a root protruding into the void. The tiger roamed over him angrily when the man noticed that even below him, at the base of the crevasse, there was another tiger watching him ravenously. Just at that moment the root to which he was clinging began to detach from the rock, he saw himself lost, he could not go up or down, while his gaze fell on a ripe wild strawberry that hung inviting before his eyes, he caught it. How good it was ...

It happened more or less as well to me, I felt oppressed and assaulted on the right and the left, destiny had decided to make me learn this lesson. What to do? Responding to provocations, with violence or captiveness, I would have lost my equanimity of judgment and would have fallen into speculative fiction (and Satan is what he wants to entice us into his trap). I had no hope ... and when I stopped worrying, I felt that it did not matter at all anything to get a logical and satisfying result, I let go and I left frustration and power, revenge and humiliation, justice and injustice, the good and the evil ... In short, I renounced, indeed "forgot", every action-reaction.

I call it "losing every reason".

But be careful, this condition of Void, strictly speaking, does not resolve in a "moment", even if the understanding happens in a "flash", it will have to become a state, that being in perfect balance, in which there is not that but smile and cry together.

As Capra, the physicist, says, : "... similarly to the Void of the mystics, the" physical void "- so called in quantum field theory - is not a state of simple" non-being "but contains in itself the potentiality of all forms. These forms are not independent entities but are transitory manifestations of the void, which is always subject to them. Emptiness is a "living void", a creative and destructive impulse ".

And it is in this state "beyond reasoning" that it is really possible to fully enjoy life, in its entirety, it is a state of perennial "understanding" in which it is impossible to lose, we live moment by moment, with clarity, intelligence, creativity. It's a living in the unknown!

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 30 May 2018Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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