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The wounds of the heart

So imperfect yet so bright, like a star in the darkest sky, this is the human heart that the road crosses, of life, devoid of any defense, armed only with its purity and courage, like a fragile and delicate ceramic vase among a thousand iron vessels.

A long and difficult journey, it is impossible that damage will ever be done to it, a crack has not affected its beauty, a wound that reduces that vase to pieces that anyone would throw away, since it is no longer beautiful and no longer useful, only a mass of material that has become devoid of any value, reached the most tragic end for its path ...


An end that, even when everything seems impossible, cannot and must not come, not a sad goal, but only the sum of the chapters, of the first part of its history, its most intimate essence, the baggage to carry with you, in the next. stage of that journey, which continues, not crumbs of an unimportant past, but fragments of time, the parts of that vase, carefully collected, and as according to Kintsukuroi, the gold poured between the cracks and not the glue, so empathy, understanding, counseling, in the wounds of the human heart, become the golden balm, that that broken vessel, like an existence marked by pain and difficulties, which can appear empty at first glance, and shaped only for the despair, here the damage envelops the warmth of an embrace, while the wounds, no longer a shame, a stigma, something to hide, as if they were a horrible fault, for which to pay unfairly until the last breath, but a source of pride, the testimony of the strength with which one has faced obstacles, and overcome them victoriously and of that courage, which constitutes the only weapon that the heart possesses to protect itself, in its long and perilous journey through existence, so that as if by magic the shape takes, no more than a waste object but on the contrary of something splendid.

Taken from: ''Attraverso la vertigine'', Sabrina Gatti, 2020,CTL Edizioni Livorno


Date: 11 April 2022Author: Sabrina Gatti
Credits Publisher: CTL Edizioni Livorno Illustrazione: ''Kintsukuroi - le ferite del cuore''di Sabrina Gatti
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