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Wu wei. Act without acting

"The so-called 'facts' are filtered by our emotions and interpretations and tell our 'history' as we have perceived it." (Saul Arpino)
The angle of judgment on the facts examined in history and in our life depends only on the emotional propensity to see things as we feel them. As happens for example for the different truths told in the film Rashomon...
We know, however, that true history is never told and not even the one perceived with guts. History, even in the best of hypotheses, is a mosaic of small details and disjointed events that only appear connected and subsequent to each other. As the frames chosen by an art,s director to display the plot of his film.
In our life we perceive the urge to respond "adequately" in the most different occurrences that happen to us but we can not say that the common thread is our desire to achieve the results we have set for ourselves.
What must happens happens and then we express our opinion: "I have done this action and I like it", or: "I have done that and I do not like it ...", and with this we believe that what happened is the result of our actions (good or bad).
In reality nobody does anything there is only an intersection and mixture of different forces acting through us. What remains are the simple facts, not the reasons or intentions. However we tend to examine those facts with our personal vision and our sense of judgment.
Life is all a wonderful surprise and wanting to establish its meaning is simple arrogance! This is my opinion ...
Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 30 August 2018Author: Paolo D'Arpini


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