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Spiritual and Holistic Events Directory - 2018-05-06

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Event  -  Olistic Medicine

3 BodyTalk System Distance (Remote) Sessions

Firenze  -  From  11/08/2017  to  23/10/2018
BodyTalk System Distance/Remote Sessions Free Skype consultation, contact me on Skype: anto75uk, tell me about your issues, physical, emotional, spiritual, what you would like to heal and transform…
Italy   -  Olistic Medicine
Course  -  Body and Posture Techniques

Postural Integration Training

Milano (MI)  -  From  10/02/2018  to  25/11/2018
Our training is primarily a personal growth experience. We start from the body to grow in consciousness and develop a life fuller of meaning, energy, and heart. You will learn to work with your body…
Italy   -  Body and Posture Techniques
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Yoga

Rocket Dharma Yoga Retreat with Ambra Vallo and Fabio Filippi

Zollino (Lecce)  -  From  05/05/2018  to  12/05/2018
A fun packed journey into Dharma and Rocket yoga. With the promise to get the juices flowing, the daily classes and workshops will allow you to immerse yourself and explore deeper into both lineages.…
Italy   -  Yoga
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Yoga

Iyengar Yoga Retreat with Piccarda di Montereale

Zollino (Lecce)  -  From  05/05/2018  to  12/05/2018
A week of practice with Piccarda di Montereale, respecting Iyengar techniques, to reinforce, align and integrate the body and the spirit. To access the stage two or more years of Iyengar yoga practice…
Italy   -  Yoga

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Self i-Dentity Through ho’Oponopono®
Health Class

Roma  -  From  22/09/2018  to  23/09/2018
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Dance and Voice

Lipari (Messina)  -  From  30/06/2018  to  08/07/2018
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Discovery week in Tuscany: Yoga and Synergistic Gardening

Chianciano Terme (Italia/Siena)  -  From  26/05/2018  to  03/06/2018
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Natural Yoga Flow

Viella (Lérida)  -  From  10/04/2018  to  14/04/2018

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