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Spiritual and Holistic Events Directory - 2018-06-30

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Event  -  Olistic Medicine

3 BodyTalk System Distance (Remote) Sessions

Firenze  -  From  11/08/2017  to  23/10/2018
BodyTalk System Distance/Remote Sessions Free Skype consultation, contact me on Skype: anto75uk, tell me about your issues, physical, emotional, spiritual, what you would like to heal and transform…
Italy   -  Olistic Medicine
Course  -  Body and Posture Techniques

Postural Integration Training

Milano (MI)  -  From  10/02/2018  to  25/11/2018
Our training is primarily a personal growth experience. We start from the body to grow in consciousness and develop a life fuller of meaning, energy, and heart. You will learn to work with your body…
Italy   -  Body and Posture Techniques
Event  -  Astanga – Raja (Yoga)

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat with John Scott

Zollino (Lecce)  -  From  16/06/2018  to  30/06/2018
Here is a great opportunity to Practice with John Scott for 2 Weeks. John has reached a point in his teaching where he wishes to share to provide longer retreats the way Guruji did. This new format…
Italy   -  Astanga – Raja (Yoga)
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Durga Devi

Zollino (Lecce)  -  From  23/06/2018  to  30/06/2018
Bhakti means devotion and surrender to the divine. In Bhakti yoga the practitioner cultivates desire for love. Bhakti yoga is the most essential component of Jivamukti yoga. Song, dance, chanting and…
Italy   -  Yoga
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Dance and Theatre

Dance and Voice

Lipari (Messina)  -  From  30/06/2018  to  08/07/2018
Workshop of dance and voice in Nature on the beautiful Sicilian volcanic island of Stromboli Dance with Kea Tonetti – voice with Tivitavi Butoh Dance – Sensitive Dance – Voice - Hara Yoga With…
Italy   -  Dance and Theatre
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with ty Landrum

Zollino (Lecce)  -  From  30/06/2018  to  07/07/2018
This retreat is designed for practitioners of all abilities. People with injuries and special conditions are absolutely welcome to join. Some familiarity with the standing and closing sequence of…
Italy   -  Yoga

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The Feminine Fire in each of us: awareness and empowerment

Osimo (AN) (Ancona)  -  From  25/10/2018  to  28/10/2018

RPT Rapid Personal Transformation Course

Firenze (FI)  -  From  12/04/2019  to  21/04/2019

Self i-Dentity Through ho’Oponopono®
Health Class

Roma  -  From  22/09/2018  to  23/09/2018
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Dance and Voice

Lipari (Messina)  -  From  30/06/2018  to  08/07/2018

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