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Dolphins and Desert: In the Depth of the Soul

Vigonza - From  15/07/2017  to  22/07/2017



In: Vigonza - (Padova) - Egypt Date: From  15/07/2017  to  22/07/2017
Time: 9.00 - 23.00Price: 730
Where:  Camp Rocky Valley _ Egitto, Via A. Diaz 206, Vigonza, 35010, Padova   -   (EG)
Category:  Spiritual Regeneration

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In the Silence and in the Peace is possible to feel what for a long time have believed not to Exist!!! In the Joy created by the contact with the Dolphins and by Smile we give Energy to what has begun to be revealed!!

Dolphins and Desert

Two experiences that set us in deep communication with our Soul and with our deeper Self.
That will allow us to make to emerge the Guide that is inside of Us, without keeping on asking and to look for outside.

Egypt: an Earth that has its particular vibration and that it makes to emerge from the Depths things for a long time ignored, and in doing this it sustains you with Love.

In these trips of a week, available monthly:

We will spend two days and a night in yacht to meet the Dolphins and to swim with them in Sataya, a magic Lagoon protected by the reef: a place out of the Time and of the Space.
We will approach to them with Love and Respect, we will swim with them as if we were to their bunch and we will learn from them really more than what we can imagine. We will welcome in our Heart the vibration of Joy that they emanate.

The rest of the week we will stay in an Ecocamp directly on the Sea, with the possibility to sleep in the huts on the beach, cradled by the waves, under an unforgettable mantle of stars to fully enjoy some show that this Earth offers in the daytime and at night. Or we can choose the comfort of the lodgings in masonry, not far away from the beach!

We will wake up every day to the dawn to welcome the Sun on the white beach, all for Us.
We will take there care since the first morning of our body and our Soul through the Meditation, the Reiki, the use of the voice, practices for the body and also through the assumption of Foods, Spice and Oils recognized as Sacred, originating from the Wisdom of ancient Egypt,
The days, some in the Camp and some in other uncontaminated and isolated places on the Sea, will be a alternate of Activity of Growth and Workshop with moments of relax and freedom in which each can choose what to do.
Then, just before the sunset we will gather us to reach Rocky Valley, in the middle of the Desert, from where we will enjoy of the sunset and of the deep vibrations of the Earth and where then we will turn on our bonfire to greet the gone Day and to entrust our Desires, our Hopes and our Joys to the Night.
And to share around the fire our thoughts!
We will dine and then we will be together on the beach in the Joy, in the Dance, in the Lightness... because the Life needs Joy, Lightness and...Love!!!

Let's wait you to share this beautiful Experience!!

A travel in which also children are welcome!

Available dates:

From 15 to July 22 nd 2017
From 19 to August 26 th 2017
From 2 to September 9 th 2017 (special week in collaboration with Micaela Bizzotto and his/her run of Intuitive Painting - Contribution 780 European)
From 16 to September 23 rd 2017
From 7 to October 14 th 2017

The weeks are activatedi with 4 people, if you are interested to a week it doesn't foresee contact us and we will find the better solution for You.


Stay to the Camp with complete pension
Boat for two days and one night to swim with Dolphins
Transfer daily in the Desert to the sunset
Spiritual Practices - Oils, spice, foods... for the Soul

Flight to Hurghada
Visa Entry in Egypt
All that is not specified in "Included"


Stella Martina Babbetto

Organizer of Trips with the Dolphins and in Egypt, Master Reiki of the Dolphins of Atlantide, Reiki Usui Operator Second level, Reiki Karuna Operator.
Through the Reiki, also to distance as my preferential tool, I help people to reconnect themselves to their Soul, and to find inside themselves the answers and the keys to access the endless Wisdom and the endless Love that resides in each of Us.

Other tools used: Harmonic Essenic touch, Huna shamanism, Psychomagic, Psychosomatic reflexology,
Theta-Healing, Aromatherapy, Natural Cosmetic.

With the Cooperation of Hithem Elnemr, that will take care of the part of Foods, Spice and Oils for the Soul.


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