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Tarapoto - From  13/07/2019  to  27/07/2019



In: Tarapoto - Peru Date: From  13/07/2019  to  27/07/2019
Time: 15 days
Where:  Jr. Leoncio Prado 163, Tarapoto, 22202   -   (PE)
Tel: +393883547578   -   Category:  Spiritual Regeneration

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‘My Peru’ was born thanks to my personal experience and it's a trip that will take you to discover a beautiful landscape and different healing methods.

The purpose of the trip is to have a healing and depurative experience and to disconnect from every day life to give ourselves the time to relax and reconnect with our hearts, mother nature, gratitude, beauty and prosperity that sorrounds all of us. This will happen in the mystical and beautiful landscape that is the rainforest.


1. Visit the healing center, meet the shaman and get to know the different healing methods (take one medicinal plant, ayahuasca in ceremony and flower bath)

2. Meet the huevera and get to know her healing method

3. Visit the Huacamaillo waterfall. We will walk for 4km inside the rainforest next to the Cumbaza river before arriving to the waterfall.

4. Sleep in the beautiful town of San Roque, in the middle of the Cerro Cordillera Escalera.

5. Visit a cacao plantation and understand the process behind this product. Possibility of cacao ceremony if the maestro is available.

6. Visit pishurayacu waterfall, a beautiful waterfall in the middle of cerro cordillera escalera

7. Visit the second healing center and get to know the shaman and his methods (energetic allignment, diagnosis and medicinal plant healing, ayahuasca intake not in ceremony but as a deep clense)

Who should take this trip

Everyone who has the desire to connect with the wonderful and misterious enviornment of the rainforst and that wants to experiement and get to know ancestral healing methods. This trip has been developed with the purpose of helping the person to reconnect with his or hers own self, with nature and the planet.

For more information write me on private.

If you are a group of people we can decide to do the trip in another date.


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