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Rocket Dharma Yoga Retreat with Ambra Vallo and Fabio Filippi

Zollino - From  05/05/2018  to  12/05/2018


In: Zollino - (Lecce) - Italy Date: From  05/05/2018  to  12/05/2018
Time: 9am - 12pm
Where:  Yoga in Salento, Via Stazione, 116, Zollino, 73010, Lecce   -  Puglia (IT)
Tel: 0836600284   -   Category:  Yoga   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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A fun packed journey into Dharma and Rocket yoga. With the promise to get the juices flowing, the daily classes and workshops will allow you to immerse yourself and explore deeper into both lineages. Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga, that is known for its love for floating and flying. With plenty of upper body strengthening, inversions, arm balancing, back bending and spinal twists it will invigorate and awake your nervous system. The practice of Dharma Mittra will touch on all aspects of Yoga through the classical system of Hatha-Raja, providing daily techniques, which include asana, pranayama, meditation, spiritual talks, chanting and understanding of the teachings as prescribed by the living Master Sri Dharma Mittra. A devotional practice that emphasises good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. A challenging, yet graceful and meditative practice, steeped in 50 years of Sri Dharma Mittra’s experience of the classical tradition. One of the joys of this practice is exploring variations of postures you may not encounter in any other lineages, as well as instructions in how to take the steps to acquire these postures. Many variations and modifications will be provided to make the practice accessible to ALL, creating a collective and devotional atmosphere where students will have the ability to realise their infinite potential.


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