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Event  -  Meditation

Sacred water and intuitive colours

Londdon - 09/02/2017



In: Londdon - United Kingdom Date: 09/02/2017
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pmPrice: £18
Where:  Maria's Place, Contact in private for the location, Londdon, SE23   -   (GB)
Tel: 07341465023   -   Category:  Meditation   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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I believe that all of us in a different way and with different qualities is Art. We are sacred co-creator of this immense creation that we call universe.
Let's re-connect with our higher self and let things happen without judgments and controls.


• Mindfulness meditation, Grounding

• Colours, Meaning and features

• Discover the subtle energy of the hands

• Harmonization (Egyptian/Essene method) and Soul connection

• Intuitive drawing

• Sacred water ceremony and elevation

• Inform water (Masaru Emoto)

• Silent space

• Final Sharing and blessing

People search the world for sacred water sites where they can immerse and experience oneness with God. Healing water rituals have existed in all cultures since recorded time and are thought to have existed in pre-historic cultures for millions of years. Most ancient cultures maintain spiritual creation stories crediting water as the origin of life. We can create sacred water rituals wherever we are and during the work shop we will use colours, words and symbols to energize and elevate water. Water covers 70% of our body and our planet. Can you imagine how powerful it would be if everyone on this earth spent 1 minute every day to send good vibes to her?
It is important that you feel free and comfortable during the work shop so a Sacred space will be created to keep all the energies harmonized, balanced, connected and grounded.
Water colours, Paints, colours, brushes and sheets of paper will be available at the work shop. However you are welcome to bring your own if you desire to.

The cost of the work shop is £18 If you cannot afford to pay full price for this workshops but you wish to participate, benefits are available. I offer 20% discount in exchange of some help to set up and clean up the room we will use for the events. (Benefits are based on honesty and trust). There are 6 creative spaces available. It will be a very warm and intimate space. Please arrive 5 minutes early that will help to create the perfect vibes! Please for any informations don't hesitate to contact me. Reserve your space today!

Looking forward to see you all,
Wish you a colourful day,

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Maria cell. - 07341465023 -


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Maria Aisha Sun And Soul Paintings

I have dedicated my whole life to the research and experimentation of Art in all of its forms and aspects. Through my work of Egyptian Essene therapy and Colors I discovered how to bring my Creativity and Soul closer. This taught me how to listen to vibrations through deep meditation and intuition…

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