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Teacher Training Yoga Bimbi with Vanessa Fabbrilei

Zollino - From  31/03/2018  to  07/04/2018


In: Zollino - (Lecce) - Italy Date: From  31/03/2018  to  07/04/2018
Time: 9am - 12pm
Where:  Yoga in Salento, Via Stazione, 116, Zollino, 73010, Lecce   -  Puglia (IT)
Tel: 0836600284   -   Category:  Children: Care, Upbringing and Development   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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The course provides for the training of qualified teachers in the teaching of yoga to children (two different age groups, 5/8 years and 8/11 years)
The course teaches the right approach to children, through games, exercises, and fairy tales to grow and approach the practice of yoga fun.
The way to teach children is to level them up, to talk about it
their language.
The course wants to provide the tools to enter
just to interact with them, to have access to their world, to attract their attention, to break the dynamics of confrontation and competition so that they can create a climate of love and fundamental sharing in these lessons. Teach and make small rules, fundamental during the courses.
The course includes the teaching of:
– asana aimed for children
– teaching games aimed at exploring space around us and our body
– teaching games and dynamics to break the blocks and distances within the group
– simple asana and small story-related sequences
– sequences linked to myths stories
Yoga Benefits in Children:
– Prevents the formation of postural vices
– Support children in dealing with negative emotions, anxiety, stress, and self-esteem and calm
– it increases the ability of attention and concentration
-favors and improves school learning
-favors and improves the relationship between parents and children
– very useful in supporting, together with role-specific and specific teachers, children with autism, learning disabilities, attention disturbances.
Above all, it promotes awareness of self, mutual respect and support, so as to promote the growth of people with the underlying respect for universal values.
The specialization course lasts 60 hours and releases
international continuing education certificate in “yoga training for children” YOGAALLIANCE ITALIA / INTERNATIONAL.


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