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Trance Dance Intensive

Marti - From  03/08/2017  to  12/08/2017



In: Marti - (Pisa) - Italy Date: From  03/08/2017  to  12/08/2017
Time: from 3rd at 9.00 p.m. to 12th august 5.00 pm - residentialPrice: upon request
Where:  Podere Amarti, Strada Fontanelle 10, Marti, 56020, Pisa   -  Toscana (IT)
Tel: 338 7926563   -   Fax: //  -   Category:  Shamanism   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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Dance and music are one of the oldest expressions in the search for the Sacred. Both are dynamic expressions related to flowing, unlike other static and artistic events.

Trance Dance is not a movement's technique but flowing with rhythm and music, letting the body move by itself, finding its own inner rhythms.

Trance Dance is a form of easy and vibrant meditation; It is one of the most complete transformation methods for our body and emotions.

Dance can express itself in different ways: slow, primitive, aggressive, magical or sensual. Music dissolves the sense of separation and isolation, thoughts are transformed, fears and tensions are released by breathing and movement.

Trance Dancing is an invitation for the Spirit to come back home and transform body, mind and emotions, allowing a deep reconciliation of these three levels of the individual with those of reality.

The body harmonizes and flows in its physical dimension, the mind relaxes itself and the spirit "flies" and fully lives the present moment.

Dancing is one of the greatest joys of life, a real gift when practiced naturally in the absence of the need to control and guide the movements.

Trance Dance makes you authentic in your inner movement, leading to a space of transformation and satisfaction.

The Trance Dance Intensive is a journey of exploration and inner transformation that opens to awareness. .
It allows you to fully experience the "dance of life" and to deepen the "work" on yourself

The very essence of the event is natural magic: you live in close connection with nature, the frame of the whole journey.
We will experience many rituals, purifications and meditations, take an active part in drumming circle, ceremonies and rituals to tune in with our inner nature: fire dance, ghost dance, women's dance, ritual of the Mask, mandala ritual, soul hunting, rituals in honor of the Goddess, power animals and much more ......

At the core of everything: Trance Dance.

Trance Dance Intensive is open to everyone: both people who do not have any shamanic work experience, and experts.
It is open to singles and couples. There are no age limits unless the minimum age for young people (children can not participate).
No special qualifications are required.
Unique requirements: being in good health, being open to personal growth, and have the intention and desire to take care of themselves in an holistic way: it is an experience that transforms and nourishes body, mind and spirit together.

Trance Dance Intensive is one of the stages of "The Way of the Energizers" path.

This intensive is open to both those who are approaching shamanism for the first time, those who are interested in the full path, those who are only interested in this single retreat,and those who are already experts.



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