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Seminar  -  Mediums, Sensitives

Unleash your power and self-heal.

Engelberg - Switzerland - From  25/04/2019  to  28/04/2019



In: Engelberg - Switzerland - Switzerland Date: From  25/04/2019  to  28/04/2019
Time: Dalle 17.00 del 25/04/2019 alle 09.00 del 28/04/2019
Where:  Bärghuis Jochpass, Bärghuis Jochpass, Jochpass 2222 CH 6390, Engelberg - Switzerland, 2222 CH   -   (CH)
Category:  Mediums, Sensitives   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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This workshop is very much geared to men. Of course, everyone is welcome. It is the male energy

that is in a phase of transition, and men need to become aware of this.

The workshop will benefit greatly from the people who will participate. It is based on silence, on

living silence, listening to silence, and, through the silence and the overflowing nature of the

Jochpass at 2200m, also on arriving at the inner silence that leads to the voice of your source, to

the flow of your power, to the flow of your joy, of joy, to the flow of universal love, to the flow of the

energy that we are, to the flow of true identity, of the true Self, of the Self, of the energy that we

are, on rediscovering humanity in connection with nature, on understanding the role of the mind,

who is the mind, what is the mind, on understanding the relationship between human bodies

scientifically, in a scientific study which is linked to the spiritual science, to the Spirit World. It's as

easy as drinking a glass of water. This is the perception that you as participants will have at the

end of this workshop.

It is a workshop for people who arrive full of overloads and fatigue; it is made to cool down. In order

to tap into your power, you must cool down, cool down, cool down, understand that achieving goals

does not need so much action, so much effort. It is the break with old schemes, according to which

if you want to achieve, you have to work hard; this was another concept, a different concept. At

Jochpass, the pure air, the rarefied air, the purity will give a sense of immensity, of abundance. It is

a place of abundance, Jochpass, indeed. Healing takes place through the permission that

everyone gives to themselves to open up to these emotions, to allow themselves to try these new

emotions, to allow themselves time to perceive these new emotions, in close connection with the

universe. Everything happens in silence and everything must take place in silence. It is a workshop

on silence, it is a workshop on listening, listening to yourself, listening to your energy, listening to

the energy of others, listening and welcoming. Welcoming, containing, welcoming, opening up to

the exchange, opening up to the new, opening up to self-awareness.

There will also be explanations on the vibrational state of the physical body and how it works, how

health works, how those that humanity calls diseases work. Great joy. It is for men.

With regard to the masculine and feminine, there is no difference in sex in the spiritual being; as an

incarnated being, you need this difference to live roles and emotions that in the Spirit World have

no reason to exist because we are all connected. In the material world, the importance of

identifying oneself as a feminine or masculine being has a whole series of consequences, of

impacts, that are part of the mental schemes that mankind has chosen to adopt, as in everyday

life. You are ready, now, to let go of these old patterns, you are ready, you are ready and can do it,

and these communications are to help you, to be able to receive. You have to open your heart.

Opening your heart is very simple. Just breathe.

The development of the masculine, in a new vision, goes hand in hand with the development of

female power. That's why you will do this workshop, and it will be a party. The sweetness of men,

without this being perceived as weakness. A new role, oriented, stable, of reference, harmonized

with that of the woman, the feminine in the woman. This comes directly from listening to silence.

Co-writing with Sabrina’s Spiritual Guides


The detailed workshop program will be sent with an email confirming the reservation. The general

outline of daily activities will be:

? h7.30-8.30: meditation and muscle awakening;

? h8.45-10.30: breakfast and personal time;

? h10.30-13: group work;

? h13-15.30: lunch and personal time;

? h15.30-18: group work;

? h18-20.30: dinner and personal time;

? h20.30-21.30: Silent Healing Experience®.


Accommodation and all workshop activities will be at Bärghuis Jochpass (Jochpass 2222 CH-6390

Engelberg, Switzerland). The Bärghuis Jochpass is located at 2222 meters above sea level,

beneath the peak of the glacier Titlis, in the primal surroundings of one of Central Switzerland's

most beautiful regions. This Alpine lodge is deep in untamed nature and silence, and is the point of

departure for countless adventures into this fabulous Alpine world.

You will stay in a double or quadruple room (single rooms are not available), which will be

assigned in the order of arrival of the bookings. The rooms are all with bathroom and equipped with

every comfort. They have a charming Alpine feel and a spectacular view of the Alpine landscape.

The Bärghuis Jochpass offers more cozy places to relax and enjoy your stay, such as the lounge,

the sauna, and a panoramic terrace. In the Säumerstube (mule drivers' room), with its panoramic

windows and fireplace, or in the Alpgenossenstube (Alp cooperative members' room), you can

taste delicious meals, which are prepared with many ingredients from the region, and enjoy choice

of wines. The large deck now extends all the way around the Stübli, offering great views in every

direction. The staff is always friendly, cheerful, and passionate in accommodating the guests.


It's simply fabulous what the region around Jochpass has to offer, and that goes for the food, too.

At the Bärghuis Jochpass, they buy all fresh produce from local farmers and, with these

ingredients, they create their own soups, salad variations, and traditional dishes.

The price includes buffet genuine Swiss breakfast (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), featuring Alpine

cheese, muesli, freshly baked bread and many other tasty local products, and four-course

exclusively vegetarian dinner (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

Lunches (Friday and Saturday) are not included, but you can take advantage of the delicious

dishes of the restaurant.

Reservation and additional information

1. The number of participants is limited to 20 (18 years of age at least, children are not admitted).

2. The price per person is €800 and includes:

a. accommodation in double or quadruple room (3 nights);

b. breakfast and dinner (vegetarian).

The price per person does not include:

c. the journey to/from your country or city of origin to/from Bärghuis Jochpass;

d. drinks;

e. travel insurance and cover for injury during all the activities;

f. anything which is not listed in “the price per person includes”.

3. The registration to the workshop has to be completed by Sunday 7 April 2019;

4. Upon registration, please pay a deposit of 50% of the price (€400) by bank transfer to:

ABN AMRO, in the name of Stichting Lovefrequencies; in the reason, please indicate your

name and Workshop Unleash your power and self-heal, 25-28 April 2019. IBAN: NL 84

ABNA 0830339418 – BIC: ABNANL2A

5. Please send the contract of registration and the receipt of the bank transfer by email to

6. In case of cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded, but you might wish to introduce other

participants who can replace you.

7. Please pay the balance by bank transfer by 10 April 2019 and send its receipt by email to

8. The activities will be carried out in in English.

9. The workshop will start at h17 on Thursday 25 April and will end on Sunday 28 April, after


10. In order to be able to get to Jochpass (last cable car is at h15.30) and allow the regular start of

the activities, we kindly ask the participants to arrive by h15.30. On Sunday 28 April, please

check-out by h10.

11. The workshop and the activities within do not replace any kind of medical treatment, but rather

they support personal growth only.

Co-event: Seminar What is consciousness? Latest research findings

On Sunday 28 April 2019, from h10.30 to h13, in the same location, we invite you to participate in

the seminar What is consciousness? Latest research findings, speaker Sabrina Leone, PhD,

medium and researcher. Participation is limited, for a maximum of 30 people (at least 18 years,

children are not allowed), and with a contribution of €30 per person including 2-course lunch.

Please book it by 10 April 2019 by sending an email

How to reach us

Jochpass is car-free, so not accessible by car. We recommend that you travel by car or public

transport to Engelberg Dorf. From there, the gondola ropeway and chairlift will take you up to

Jochpass. Of course, Bärghuis Jochpass’s staff will take care of your luggage upon request.

Please notice that the last departure from

Engelberg up to Jochpass is at 3.30 p.m. For a CHF 5 surcharge per piece the cable car operator

will transfer your luggage from the valley station to the Jochpass mountain station.

What to bring

? Very comfortable and informal clothing;

? a pashmina shawl or a light plaid in pile (in order to be warm and comfortable during the

meditation sessions);

? a small inflatable cushion and a sport mat;

? all the necessary to take notes.

Our background

The foundation Stichting Lovefrequencies

The foundation Stichting Lovefrequencies ( is a nonprofit organization, at

The Hague, Netherlands, and operates worldwide. It aims to investigate the unlimited potential of

human beings and disseminate research results, in order to contribute to the evolution of mankind

and to perform any acts relating or potentially conducive to the foregoing.

The foundation Lovefrequencies is passionately engaged in achieving these goals by exploring the

unlimited by frontier research, disseminating knowledge, creating awareness, and engaging and

facilitating empowerment.

You can contribute to the growth of Stichting Lovefrequencies in several ways, including research,

donations, sponsorship, and voluntary work.

We are collaborating with many wonderful and inspired people from all over the world and from

different backgrounds, in a multidisciplinary exchange, with the common aim of disseminating

sound research findings and developing awareness. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to

join our vibrant community.

Giovanni Biancofiore, healing musician and sound explorer

Giovanni has always been fond of music, and he has studied and played several instruments over

time, mainly the drums and percussions. His personal spiritual journey, which he started many

years ago, and scientific research have led him to the study of the interaction between sound

frequencies and healing by melding synthesisers to acoustic instruments. Thus, he approached

sound design. He has conceived the Silent Healing Experience®, an exciting and captivating

sound journey he has created by combining the use of analog synthesisers, hybrid synthesisers,

pedal effects and real-time effects processor/sampler.

Once he had reconnected to his talents, Giovanni chose to make them available to others, take the

best from his background, and co-found the foundation Stichting Lovefrequencies, a wonderful and

joyful project.

He has practised meditation and mantra singing daily for years.

Information and communication technologies, networks, and eLearning characterised his previous

professional path; indeed, he is a Microsoft Certified System Administrator and a learning

technologist, specialised in eLearning platforms. He has co-authored several scientific publications

and has worked in multicultural environments.

Sabrina Leone, medium and researcher

Sabrina is a healing medium, a researcher, and cofounder and secretary-treasurer of the foundation Stichting Lovefrequencies.

Communication is one of the gifts she has received to achieve her existential aim. Mediumship and research are a

passion which she considers a privilege. For her entire life, her scientific background has

intertwined with the spiritual science naturally.

Indeed, along her versatile career she has been strongly engaged in change, innovation, and

learning. She has always believed in each individual’s powerful potential to contribute to common

well-being, and so in the need to facilitate self-awareness, empowerment, and joy. For this reason,

one of her very first achievements has been being able to inject her positive energy into others and

inspire them.

More and more, she has acknowledged and accessed her power, she has lived in the flow, with

the aim of working with people and for people, to find out more and share more about being.

Over time, she has taken on positions of great responsibility and trust that have allowed her and

others to grow: a teacher for more than 30 years for thousands of learners of all ages; a

representative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the University of Wollongong, Australia, to

promote the Italian language and culture in the area; an educational consultant and coordinator of

technological and learning innovation for large educational institutions; a quality manager for an

international engineering company; a successful candidate of the selection procedure for

Researchers in Human and Social Sciences of the European Commission and the Joint Research

Centre; a European Commission independent expert for research and innovation assignments

(evaluation of proposals, review of projects and monitoring of programs or policies); designer and

coordinator of many breakthrough research projects.

Sabrina is a lifelong learner and an amazed traveler, and she loves their feeling of expansion.

Besides tapping into her talents in sports, art, and creativity in general, she received a Master

degree in English and French Language and Literature, a Master Degree in Business

Management, a Degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation, and a PhD in eLearning. She has

authored and co-authored numerous scientific publications and has worked in multicultural

environments, in Italy and abroad.

In the 1980s, she began her spiritual path with the study of Oriental philosophy, meditation, and

yoga, becoming a certified trainer. Also, for years, she has been involved in the study of Tarot as a

metaphorical language to provide insight into our essence and our spiritual path.

She regularly explores and develops her mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted (UK).

Her journey has been a learning adventure, full of amazing teachers, experiences, and emotions.

Working with her mediumship has become a major part of her life. Besides being a choice of her

personal path, mediumship has expanded her vision as a researcher. While she has a strong

research interest in lifelong learning, eLearning, open learning-research-education, personalized

learning, and change management, her current research focus is on mediumship and the mindbrain relationship, as a result of the development of her mediumistic abilities.


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