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Yoga Retreat with Lotta Ilona Bertilsson

Zollino - From  03/03/2018  to  31/03/2018


In: Zollino - (Lecce) - Italy Date: From  03/03/2018  to  31/03/2018
Time: 9am - 12pm
Where:  Yoga in Salento, Via Stazione, 116, Zollino, 73010, Lecce   -  Puglia (IT)
Tel: 0836600284   -   Category:  Astanga – Raja (Yoga)   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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We will study how we can develop and create the important core strength we need to unload and distribute the weight on the various joints in the body when we do our asana practice.
We need strenght, balance and flexibility and through the yoga practice we will explore where we have our weaknesses and strengths.
We have a tendency to quickly go past what we need so let’s stop and explore the areas that most need our attention.
By centering us and be present in the body and the breathing without associate ourselves with our thoughts and feelings, we can live in the flow of life. In the present, in awareness
We become aware of our preconceptions and illusions. Through this increases our awareness and we can make better choices in life.


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