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In The Steam

Sauna is not just a strange fad enjoyed by foreigners from sub-zero climes. It’s a potentially life-saving habit.

A new study from Finland, the world's sauna hotspot and where it was invented 2,000 years ago, shows that multiplying your sauna sessions from once a week to between four or seven times can cut the risk of heart attacks by as much as a quarter.

Scientific research provides ample evidence of other health benefits. Alternating hot and cold temperatures improves the circulation, a vital element in cardiovascular health, while regular exposure to cold water boosts the immune system. An effective strategy to avoid colds and coughs during winter time, and to get sound, untroubled sleep.

Perhaps the most important benefits are mental. The extremes of heat and cold unleash endorphins, the body's most potent "feel-good" chemicals.

And of course, the sauna is no place for mobile phones - or indeed any electronic devices. It is not really suitable for reading either. So you can really switch off and let your mind wander, until you reach a trance-like state in which the worries of the world assume a proper proportion.

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Date: 7 December 2018
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