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Antonella Vivianne Ercolani: Distance BodyTalk System And RPT (Rapid Personal Transformation) Sessions

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Remote BodyTalk System and RPT Sessions, cutting edge energy medicine to help you heal BodyTalk realigns the paths of communication in your body. In Bodytalk your body’s innate wisdom is contacted so that a truly effective and personalized healing can take place.

You can reach me at : and on Skype: anto75uk

Some of the conditions in which BodyTalk has had excellent results are:


•Back Pain

•Sports Injuries

•Sports Performance

•Emotional Disorders

•Learning Disorders

•Digestive Disorders

•Endocrine Disorders

•Chronic Fatigue






And many others You can read some Testimonials below

Special Offers for New Clients

Degrees and Qualifications:

Tarot Reader

CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner)

Specialized in distance sessions

I have studied BodyTalk in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and Sweden

Modules taken:

Module 1, 2, 3, 4/7, 6, 9, Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, Mindscape, PaRama Unit 1, PaRama Unit 1 Practical, PaRama Unit 2 I am currently enrolled in the PaRama College, which involves the study and research of the latest advancements in BodyTalk

My name is Antonella Ercolani. I have studied alternative health since 2003, studying Reiki, Psych-k, and EFT, among a lot of therapies.

In 2007 I found BodyTalk, and I didn’t find just a therapy, but an entire intregrative healthcare system that addresses the whole person on every level, and I plunged into intense study, and certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner

Everyone has their paths and their preferences in healing as in anything else, but I truly feel that BodyTalk is the most advanced healing modalities available on the planet today

I have also been involved in Tarot readings since when my mother gave me my first deck when I was 10

"I’ve been feeling sharper mentally, good energy I’ve been doing the Kousmine method to deal with MS, which has allowed me to avoid taking any drugs for more than 5 years now, with no relapses. Anyway, traveling around to courses and eating strange food hasn’t been the best, but I haven’t had any drastic consequences yet. One thing I am happy about is that all this traveling and not sleeping and eating junk hasn’t made me lose motor control, which is what would have happened a few months ago. Some days I have heavy legs, but they get better with Reciprocals. It’s got to be the BT sessions!"


Antonella, thank you so much for your 3 sessions of Bodytalk. Even though you are in Europe and I live in Hawaii, I could feel you tuning in to me for each session. I have a long health history including chronic fatigue and immune imbalance in my 20’s for 9 years and more recently depression and brain function issues and chronic thirst. Although its hard to say what specific shift relate to Bodytalk, all the links felt intuitively on target. My chronic thirst has resolved which was my primary concern and reason for contacting you, nothing in the body can work well dehydrated. Prior to your sessions I would drink lots of water and it just went though strait to the bladder and out without quenching my thirst … very hard to address that without something like bodytalk. I’ve also noticed that some food sensitivities have resolved (garlic used to make me thirsty, peanut butter meant a trip to the toilet 20 minutes later – both resolved), and respiratory allergies seem less. You did a vivaxis times 3 to a large room – which happens to be the room I live and sleep in which is beautiful….but does feel hard to orient and settle into for some reason, so that link was welcome. And lastly, the link with a definition of saddness to, unburdening, to individuation felt very on target. "Love makes me sad" and teary has been up for me for 2 years – it became a really out of balanced reaction and has been one of the things my homeopath used to select a remedy for me which I was taking regularly. I now feel intuitively that it is no longer needed. Many thanks, I have no doubt these 3 sessions have been deeply healing. Even my interest in spirituality has rekindled.


RPT is therapy and personal development done right. It’s the only technique that can guarantee lasting, permanent results. What’s more, RPT can solve your problems and heal trauma:

Without having to talk about the problem
Without needing to relive painful or traumatic memories
Without requiring months or years of counselling
Without having to wait to see the results.
In short - RPT is a set of tools for quick, painless, permanent change.

RPT is extremely effective. We can heal almost all cases of emotional trauma and wounds, most cases of emotional problems (relationship issues, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, etc), and many physical ailments and health challenges which stem from self-sabotage and/or trauma.

How did we achieve this?

RPT is based on 15 years’ research by the founder, Simon Rose, and a team of other trainers and developers. The team include psychologists, geneticists, neurologists, and a wide range of healers and therapists across many fields.

Simon began with the observation that almost all therapies have some element of truth and some element of success. For example, psychotherapy really helps some people but not others; spiritual techniques work often but almost never permanently; even pseudo-science methods like homoeopathy have proven to help thousands of people even if science can’t explain how or why it could help. It seemed to Simon that there might be some underlying mechanism in all these techniques that works sometimes (but not always). Simon’s insight was to refine these techniques to identify this “active ingredient,” and then to develop a new technique around this active ingredient.
The RPT team identified not one but three active ingredients, which we term “de-armouring” (the removal of self-sabotage); finding the beginning; and acknowledgement. Lots of techniques use one, two or all three of these ingredients (whether they know it or not), but no techniques have used all three active ingredients in a systematic way to get guaranteed results. This explains why most techniques work sometimes, but not consistently. Only RPT draws this knowledge together to achieve consistent results.

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