Tue, 01 December 2020

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Beyond the 4th Door

Eternal Tapestry - Beyond the 4th Door

Margarita Mamun Training in Novogorsk

Report about Margarita Mamun (RUS) at training in Norvogorsk. Realised by Oleg Naumov and Dimitri Kornev, upload by Margarita Mamun Fans.

Jon Hopkins - "Inner Peace"

"Inner Peace" by Jon Hopkins from his album "Opalescent".

Bharatanatyam a Roma - Associazione Culturale Orchestès

Offerta di danza bharata natyam alla Dea Durga nel Tempio di Kali e Shiva a Roma. Durga Puja 2012. A cura della prof.ssa Marialuisa Sales

Modern Tahtib

First time ever Modern Tahtib, the Egyptian Battle Staff, demonstration at the largest International Festival for Martial Arts. Paris Bercy, March 26th, 2016.


An animated short film by Oriel Berkovits.

Ederlezi: Time of the Gypsies

Ederlezi - Goran Bregović, Emir Kusturica From the soundtrack of the film: Time of the Gypsies by Emir Kusturica

Explosions in the Sky - Time Stops

From the album How Strange, Innocence.

The voice of Nature

Koko, a female gorilla who belongs to one of the rarest species on earth which can communicate using sign language, and the only one that can send a message to mankind : the preservation of…

Opening Dao...

A documentary film on Taoism and martial arts.

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