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The Buddhist Society UK

Presents the major Buddhist Schools and traditions, and in its extensive library there are books on…
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Buddhist Text Translation Society - Sutras of the Buddha Translated

The Buddha's Teachings are being firmly planted in Western soil, and the translation of Buddhist…
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Andy Weber Sudios - Tibetan Buddhist Images

Andy Weber Studios presents Tibetan Buddhist images in paintings, prints and art cards. Mail order…
Vajrayana-Tibetan Buddhism
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Daka's Buddhist Astrology

Astrology offered by Buddhist, for the spiritually inclinced
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Vietnamese Buddhist Temples

Doctrine, lessons, and a directory of Vietnamese Buddhist temples.
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Moka Buddhist Museum

Korean traditional woodworking and Buddhist arts.
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Shingon Buddhist International Institute

Established to translate and publish sacred texts and the writings of Kobo Daishi, to sponsor…
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Dhargyey Buddhist Centre of Dunedin

Regular meetings and classes are held at the Centre covering Buddhist philosophy, meditation and…
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Overseas Hoa Hao Buddhist Association

Concentrates on Hoa Hao Buddhist issues and teachings of Prophet Huynh Phu So.
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Manchester Kadmapa Buddhist Centre

Manchester Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Introductory Meditation & Budhdism classes open to everyone.…
Mahayana Buddhism

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