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Order of Buddhist Contemplatives

Founded by Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett as an umbrella for monasteries, priories, and meditation groups,…
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A place for reflection and contemplation: Xsist

We reach out to the ones that need healing, guidance and support in their lives.Our focus is on the…
Personal Development
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House of Breathings

Carl McColman's virtual sanctuary for contemplative prayer, Celtic spirituality, medieval mysticism,…
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The Engaged Zen Foundation

Dedicated to fostering zazen (seated contemplative meditation) practice in prison. Projects include…
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Spiritual Growth Ministriesz

ecumenical group offering contemplative prayer retreats and spiritual direction training.
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Enlightement Intensives

An introduction to Enlightenment Intensives, 3-day group retreats using intensive meditation and…
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Hrih: My Birthstone

Birthstone Calculation. Edu-commercial site about calculating individual (precise) birthstones and…
Stones and Crystals
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Ontos: a Center for Being

ONTOS: A Center for Being offers wilderness journeys (The Vision Quest/Soul Journeys, meditation…
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Good Words and Love Poems

The beauty of spoken poetry, spiritual thought, prayer and meditations, sacred text and pictures…
Poetry and Literature
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Enter the Silence

At a certain point in evolution, even those without formal instructions on meditation will naturally…

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