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Seminar  -  Sacred Dances, Biodance and others

Global Gurdjieff Movements Gathering 2017

Corfu Island  -  From  03/06/2017  to  10/06/2017
Gurdjieff Movements will be practiced, will be emphasis on the Inner work . Inner work supports balance in our daily lives and supports our Wish to Be for the Benefit of All Beings. The Seminar will…
Greece   -  Sacred Dances, Biodance and others
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Spiritual Regeneration

Inside-Out: A Journey of Movement for Body & Soul

Riparbella (Pi)  -  From  14/06/2017  to  19/06/2017
Devote 5 days to yourself in this nature paradise in Tuscany, exploring your natural rhythm, relaxing, recharging, returning to inner silence. Using elements of dance improvisation, authentic movement…
Italy   -  Spiritual Regeneration
Meeting  -  Vajrayana-Tibetan Buddhism

Guided meditation open to all and free of charge

Roma (RM)  -  From  01/01/2017  to  20/12/2017
The Diamond Way Buddhist Centre in Rome offers to all people with critical mind lively and direct access to Buddhism. The Centre is part of an international network of more than 650 meditation centers…
Italy   -  Vajrayana-Tibetan Buddhism
Seminar  -  Tantra

Inner Shakti Yoga and the Alchemy of Tantra

San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)  -  From  30/05/2015  to  01/06/2015
Remember that you are created to be a perfect being, so reclaim your real potential, your birth right. Uses the Sound of the Universe to help you discover your True Divine Potential. Invoke your true…
Italy   -  Tantra
Course  -  Personal Development

Enlightened Relationships

Samsoe (Samsø)  -  From  06/07/2015  to  11/07/2015
Enlightened Relationships July 6th – 11th 2015 6 day residential retreat on Centre for Inner freedom, Samsø, Denmark Our relationships are wonderful, precise and provocative meetings – offering us the…
Denmark   -  Personal Development
Workshop  -  Mental Education and Wellbeing

A Weekend Workshop with Darrell Calkin

Muir Beach (CA)  -  From  11/07/2015  to  12/07/2015
Darrell Calkins leads weekend seminars each year in Europe, North America and the Middle East. These are open to the general public. Reservations are recommended. From participants: What do you…
United States   -  Mental Education and Wellbeing
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Personal Development

A Journey Through the Chakras - Pilgrimage on Samsoe Island

Samsoe (Samsø)  -  From  13/07/2015  to  18/07/2015
Pilgrimage/Retreat - "A journey through the Chakras", Samsoe Island, Denmark, July 13th – 18th 2015 Samsoe has been called the new Iona (sacred island in Scotland) by Peter Dawkins, one of the leading…
Denmark   -  Personal Development
Event  -  Various Subjects

Tribojam Ecofestival of Personal Growth

Nisa (Portalegre)  -  From  07/08/2015  to  16/08/2015
TRIBOJAM ECOFESTIVAL in Tribodar Ecoproject, Nisa - Portugal We are excited to invite you to the 3rd edition of our Tribojam Ecofestival: a personal growth, healing experience connecting people…
Portugal   -  Various Subjects
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Spiritual Regeneration

Live Aloha and be Pono

Zante  -  From  19/09/2015  to  26/09/2015
Transformational journey on the magical island of Zakynthos with Tania Costantini Zimmermann Awaken and Expand Your Consciousness Connect to your divine source Living your life with Aloha Discover new…
Greece   -  Spiritual Regeneration
Event  -  Mental Education and Wellbeing

Retreat with Darrell Calkins

St Orens Pouy Petit  -  From  04/10/2015  to  11/10/2015
CobaltSaffron retreats offer you the opportunity to leave behind the stress and complications of day-to-day life, to discover and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit within an exceptionally inspiring…
France   -  Mental Education and Wellbeing

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Kiara Windrider in Italy - The only date for nearby Austria and Slovenia

Gradisca d'Isonzo (Gorizia)  -  From  04/05/2017  to  10/05/2017
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with Dany Sa

Zollino (Lecce)  -  From  23/04/2017  to  29/04/2017
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Inside-Out: A Journey of Movement for Body & Soul

Riparbella (Pi)  -  From  14/06/2017  to  19/06/2017

Sacred water and intuitive colours

Londdon  -  09/02/2017
United Kingdom

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