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Tribojam Ecofestival of Personal Growth

Nisa (Portalegre)  -  From  07/08/2015  to  16/08/2015
TRIBOJAM ECOFESTIVAL in Tribodar Ecoproject, Nisa - Portugal We are excited to invite you to the 3rd edition of our Tribojam Ecofestival: a personal growth, healing experience connecting people…
Portugal   -  Various Subjects

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Inside-Out: A Journey of Movement for Body & Soul

Riparbella (Pi)  -  From  14/06/2017  to  19/06/2017

Sacred water and intuitive colours

Londdon  -  09/02/2017
United Kingdom

Introducing Chakras the 7 wheels of life

London  -  29/01/2017
United Kingdom

Tibetan Buddhism Karma Kagyu

Roma (RM)  -  From  25/01/2017  to  26/01/2017

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