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Sat, 21 January 2017

Web Sites - Spirituality and New Age

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Vivation, Positive Thinking, Channeling, Rebirthing...

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Philadelphia Rebirthing Center

Offering private sessions, workshops, and a directory.
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Angel Access

offering angel spirit readings, creative visualization tapes, Novena candles, Fen Shei kit and more.…
Angels and Guiding Spirits
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Angels: A Biblical View

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Angels and Guiding Spirits
Web site

Do You Believe in Angels?

Angels from a Biblical perspective. A lot of myths surround the subject of angels. This site…
Angels and Guiding Spirits
Web site

Art of Being

Human and warm-hearted way of learning to live consciously, lightly and lovingly.
Web site

Lotus Project, The

- new age resource center. Growth through the sharing of ideas and knowledge.
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Nine Gates Mystery School

dedicated to the education of each person's unique journey towards wholeness.
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Pathways Center

spiritual and metaphysical workshops, healings, readings, hypnosis, psychic fairs, new age books,…
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School of Spiritual Psychology

offers courses, books, and tapes.
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Trance Action Consultants

training center offering courses in personal & spiritual growth, NLP, hypnotherapy, and Hawaiian…

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