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What is RPT Rapid Personal Transformation?


RPT is therapy and personal development done right. It’s the technique that can guarantee lasting, permanent results. What’s more, RPT can solve your problems and heal trauma:

Without having to talk about the problem

Without needing to relive painful or traumatic memories

Without requiring months or years of counselling

Without having to wait to see the results.

In short - RPT is a set of tools for quick, painless, permanent change.

RPT is extremely effective. We can heal almost all cases of emotional trauma and wounds, most cases of emotional problems (relationship issues, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, etc), and many physical ailments and health challenges which stem from self-sabotage and/or trauma.

How did we achieve this?

RPT is based on 15 years’ research by the founder, Simon Rose, and a team of other trainers and developers. The team include psychologists, geneticists, neurologists, and a wide range of healers and therapists across many fields.

Simon began with the observation that almost all therapies have some element of truth and some element of success. For example, psychotherapy really helps some people but not others; spiritual techniques work often but almost never permanently; even pseudo-science methods like homoeopathy have proven to help thousands of people even if science can’t explain how or why it could help. It seemed to Simon that there might be some underlying mechanism in all these techniques that works sometimes (but not always). Simon’s insight was to refine these techniques to identify this “active ingredient,” and then to develop a new technique around this active ingredient.
The RPT team identified not one but three active ingredients, which we term “de-armouring” (the removal of self-sabotage); finding the beginning; and acknowledgement.

Lots of techniques use one, two or all three of these ingredients (whether they know it or not), but no techniques have used all three active ingredients in a systematic way to get guaranteed results. This explains why most techniques work sometimes, but not consistently. Only RPT draws this knowledge together to achieve consistent results.


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