Sat, 08 August 2020

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Yoga session immersed in Nature

A magical place to practice Yoga immersed in the greenery of the woods and escape from the everyday life.

Hobi nicola artuso

Realized with samsung galaxy on the road ss434

When i dance - 5Rhytms Open Class with Silvija Tomcick

Silvija dancing a wave: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lirical, Stillness

“The Making of Mankind in Light of the Holy Revelation''

Majlis Mohamed bin Zayed hosts lecture titled “The Making of Mankind in Light of the Holy Revelation'' This lecture was presented by Dr. Ahmed Abbadi, Secretary-General of the League of Mohammedan…

Transpersonal Bodywork

Brief history of Transpersonal Bodywork®

Zen-Stretching® - la serie di base

Silvia Marchesa Rossi presenta, con due assistenti praticanti, la serie di esercizi di base, o Makko Ho, utilizzata nello Zen-Stretching® per monitorare la propria condizione energetica e…

Esoterika 2017

The International Festival Esoterika 2017

Sensitive Tango™ holiday in Maremma, Tuscany

Emotions of Sensitive Tango

Youth in Islam

In this video Shaykh Abderrazzaq bin Abdel Mohsen al Badr explains the role of the youth and their importance in the Islam This video is in arabic language

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