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Sabrina Gatti
"The soul of color, like an eternal fire that burns in a night without time or memory. As a ray of light in the darkness of infinite space, the voice of a small…
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Alice Grace
A growing phenomenon, the dark night of the soul manifests itself for many as apathy, lack of purpose, or the collapse of life as it was previously known. In fact, it can…
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Alexis karpouzos
As with so many mystics, Alexis karpouzos intuitively know the oneness of cosmic creation and historic humanity as part of all that is and all there isn't. So, the…

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Public Profiles
Mosques and Madrasas
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Mental Education and Wellbeing
The human soul is complex. So is Nature (or life, if you prefer). Creating a perfect interface between the two results in a balance that one can…
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Various Subjects
Certified by the World Institute for Incurable Diseases, I specialize in healing people with depression, anxiety, burnout and sleep issues. Over the…
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Ratalam ella ella, dienneò buscill invialos, krinost apleida sushumma invertigo. Kiramte salvazia locula, yutoma sabeles incarta prode. Devasti…
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Alternative Tour Operators and Agencies
I run Spiritually themed Whale & Dolphin watching trips. I am based in the country of Panama were we are blessed with being the only place in the…
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Voices, Thoughts and Poetry

You Know my Child

Alexis karpouzos
My child, let your life come into the world of darkness like a spark of light, without flicker and pure, and thank them in silence. You know, my child, they are cruel in…
Publications and Essays

Ecology (or economy) of death...

Paolo D'Arpini
"...that a trace of our journey remains is certain. Both in the collective psyche and in matter. But since the message is of an "energetic" nature, there is no need for…
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