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Ecology (or economy) of death...

Ecology of death
"...that a trace of our journey remains is certain. Both in the collective psyche and in matter. But since the message is of an "energetic" nature, there is no need for the Earth to preserve it through the corpse. The message is already present, It is present before as after..." (Saul Arpino)

It makes more of a corpse than a living one, this is the reality that has been forming over thousands of years of hypotheses about death. Of course, "pharaonic" figures are no longer spent for the construction of pyramids and mausoleums... but on the other hand, funeral expenses have gone "democratically" by conforming to the mass.

And business is not done only on the corpse but also on the soul of the corpse, which is enticed by various religions to participate in the various heavens and hells. For the "believers" there are suffrage masses, prayers for the dead, ceremonies for ancestors… maybe even martyrdom-insurance of salvation. Do you know that it was the Chinese who invented the first paper money? But it wasn't needed for commercial transitions between living beings, no, it could only be used in post-mortem, where there were special exchange banks that financed the pleasures of deceased loved ones in the various Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian or animistic paradises... Stuff to put your hands in your hair… (if they still resisted in the tombs) or to burst out laughing (it depends on your philosophical inclinations).

Come on, today we live in the century of technology and science, for which certain projects on the underworld (heavens, hells, limbos, purgatories, etc.) have less appeal and since it is a "materialist" century, therefore, many of the deals are made on the corpse… rouged, perfumed, with first class funerals, sumptuous coffins and sarcophagi, ovens and ovens, not to mention standby cryo-energy deposits, hypotheses of burial in space, cremations with jasmine flowers, mourning and paid processions and go with wind!

Death is the biggest business in human history.

From the earliest times, that is, from when we deluded ourselves that it is possible to "deceive" ourselves about the disappearance of the individual ego or about the procrastination of bodily life, man has continued to follow the myth of long life or life beyond life. Gradually the mirage of physical immortality faded (but we still try it with transplants, etc.) here is that man has adapted to believe in the continuation of the ego in an afterlife. The various legends tell of how the heroes of the species tried everything to survive themselves ... and where the doctor, the sorcerer or the miracle-working god were not enough, the embalmer took care of preserving that good bodily simulacrum at least to deceive the survivors, the survivors waiting for… Every civilization has had its own style in dealing with death but the faith towards an afterlife has continued and continues to console crowds of dying people.

Let us now see why it is so important for man to want to lengthen his life or at best to delude himself that it did not end with death. The fear of death is of self-disappearance, the loss of self-awareness related to a specific form and name. Clearly the existential longing is at the basis of this process, this can be seen not only in the case of the desire to prolong physical life but also in the hope of continuation in another dimension. Paradoxically this is also the case of suicides who apparently refuse life but substantially hope for a more bearable continuation (not only suicide bombers but also the desperate who jump off the bridge). In fact, as death approaches, attention becomes more vivid and states of suffering are not perceived but a strong adrenaline rush is experienced in which there is no perception of anguish or dismay (this is the experience recounted by accident survivors, etc.). The true drama of death, on the other hand, is experienced in the moments in which the lust for life is strongest. The more existence appears desirable to us, and the fear of losing it is stronger, the greater the bitter taste of death in the mouth.

Death sometimes appears in the passionate kiss of the lover who makes us fear his sudden escape, in the smile of a child who puts melancholy at his impermanence... or in the scent of a flower, in the lost gaze of the warrior, in poetry ecstatic that lifts us from the world, in the fruit that we are biting... Death is actually behind every action of our life, it is nothing other than the thirst for life, never satisfied, and whose loss we always fearfully fear. Death is in our desire to prolong pleasure or avoid pain.

Ah yes, dear death, you are man's most faithful companion!

But let's go back to the initial analysis and see how it was possible, and it is still possible, for some men to overcome this ancestral fear and avoid speculation about his departure. These men, let us call them sages, represent the evolutionary peak of humanity, the goal that is the flower of human nature. They teach us to look beyond appearances, to observe that "automatic" process that leads us to identify ourselves with that "body" or that "mind" - and in fact the mind is also an egoic cage - and the wise men do not recognize any mental entity or physics separated from everything that can come or go and survive itself. And then what's left? The void the void? Not at all… it is a perfect “full” that remains, that was and will be, as it is not conditioned by the space-time concept. The message of the wise men is unique and absolute and is present in everyone's conscience and it is sufficient to recognize it in ourselves to discover its truth and perennial presence. And then, where and who are these "wise men" where there is that one undivided consciousness?

Sometimes the comparison of the transmutation of water into ice and of ice into water is used to mean the apparent transformation of the same substance. The hypothetical difference is only in the mental density of the observer, a little heat (or "intelligence") is enough to melt that ice... and recognize it for what it has always been: water in water. The only problem is the mental illusion that pushes man to recognize himself in what he is not and to continue to delude himself that he can perpetuate his condition of ice and to suffer from it consequently and uselessly.

But what will become of this "world" when "knowledge" has reached all the cells of the universal organism? How will we have fun in passing on the history lived by the people? Don't worry, genetic baggage is enough memory... moreover there is a branch of research (and if it didn't exist I'll invent it right now) which is defined as "psychic genetics", a cataloging of the mental process crystallized in matter. This transmission takes place a bit like for the memory of water, every thought, action, propensity, etc. it remains crammed into a sort of collective unconscious, or aura, in which all past, present and future memory resides and from there is continuously retransmitted and made alive through every living being.

A little story in history, do you remember Gargantua and Pantagruel who on a visit to the pole observed floating spheres? They were the icy words spoken by all living beings and in fact by breaking the casing the word immediately resounded in the air, to -immediately afterwards- congeal in a new shell. Nothing is lost in the universe, not even thoughts. Therefore there is no need to worry about preserving our memory for posterity, they too will receive something of us and transmit something of themselves. Perhaps the form of the "vestiges" examined or handed down will change, which will substantially manifest themselves in a conscious and unconscious psychosomatic key... but it will be sufficient to change the method of reading, from the study of the "finds" we will pass to the examination of the "reports"....

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 13 September 2023Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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