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Lay spirituality is not a kite...

Lay spirituality
In the sky there are no roads there is only empty space. A trace remains only in the thread that binds the kites...

In the spirit, in the conscience, as well as in heaven, there is no path and therefore speaking of lay spirituality implying that is a way of setting up the inner search by following some norms or rejecting others is pure vanity, it is fiction.

Everything happens by itself, on the basis of an inner evolutionary drive, believing in a way and thinking he is right is the prerogative of every path. But it is not even necessary to indicate the inconsistencies of this or that religion, of this or that creed. As long as there is someone who believes in a religion, one cannot help but recognize that for him the truth of the self is a mirage. Believing this or believing that is just believing. But can we claim to "believe" in existence, to "believe" in our awareness?

We exist and we are conscious, we do not believe we are.

The I is a sign, each of himself says "I am", this sign is common to all, the rest is just added thought. The self is the same for everyone. Since this is the truth, what is the use of tying the ego to a specific thought form, to a concept? Everything is in the me. The individualized form of the self is like the consciousness of a cell in the body. Obviously in self-awareness, as a unitary organism, that cell is only one aspect, an experiential basis of the ego. So where is the difference between the individual and the whole? That I from which every thought emerges and who is able to recognize every thought is the same I in which everything melts away.

When we sleep we perceive many characters, we see them separate from us, we consider ourselves and others as separate, but is that really the case? Can we reasonably claim to be separate from the characters in our dream?

In fact, ignoring that all is One is like dreaming.

Awakening to self-knowledge is to call this fact “lay spirituality” is just a figure of speech, from the point of view of experience it cannot be given a name, therefore lay spirituality is just a description of the indescribable.

A Zen master said "the finger that points to the moon is not the moon".

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 26 July 2023Author: Paolo D'Arpini
Credits Publisher: Paolo D’Arpini
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