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Naturalism and lay spirituality...

Naturalism and lay spirituality
Here I would like to make a brief exursus, on the process of recovering one's unity with life, which has allowed me to arrive at the present awareness and experience.

Personally I am a follower of secular thought and therefore I delved into myself by following this trend. There is a whole current of thought that, starting from Hegel up to Nietzche and Heidegger, has forged modern secular thought, albeit amid errors and conceptual blunders, this new direction has however managed to restore to the individual and to his historical progress the responsibility for the formation of values, which in the turmoil of doubt and a critical spirit manage to pay homage to the principle of personal responsibility as the foundation of truth and goodness.

Lay-agnostic thought has allowed us all, as humanity, to get out of the conflict between Rationalism, Religion and positive Science. Rationalism proclaims the natural equality of men, and the identity of reason in each of them, the history of science teaches us instead that the rational truths declared a priori, necessary and eternal, are empirical abstractions belatedly conquered in the course of human evolution. Religious belief in its turn insists, with haughtiness and ferocity, not so much on the problems of moral conduct as on the dogmatic foundations of religion. Outside of these there is, according to it, no spiritual life. It follows that anyone who is not religious is a malignant and dangerous being to society.

It goes without saying that these ways of living knowledge are completely neurotic, detached from real evolution.

Fortunately for us we are witnessing not only a progress of scientific knowledge that cancels any scientistic and positivist presupposition, I am referring to Post-Quantum Physics, the Divine Matrix, the Synchronicity of Jung, Plank, Chopra, scientists who have elevated scientific research to the peaks of creative thought, to the Neurosciences which, beyond the necessary concessions to a mechanistic vision of the functioning of the Mind, have grasped the thought/emotion/corporeality interconnection, and with them have reached the transpersonal dimension of society and existence.

According to the most advanced thought of our times, there can be no separation between matter and spirit, between natura naturans and natura naturata, between the self and the other. And this awareness has taken the form of a new "trinity", which I identify in Deep Ecology, Bioregionalism and Lay Spirituality, expressed in the conscious "recycling of memory" that embraces the entire unfolding of life in space-time.

We are in full holistic vision.

Paolo D'Arpini


Date: 18 May 2023Author: Paolo D'Arpini
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