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Mahayana, Theravada, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen...

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Diamond Way Buddhism UK

Diamond Way Buddhism is a network of lay meditation centres within the Karma Kagyu lineage of…
Vajrayana-Tibetan Buddhism
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Northwest Dharma Association

Provides non-sectarian promotion and support for Buddhist teachings and practice opportunities in…
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E-sangha, the Buddhist Community

Virtual community that acts as a forum for followers of Mahayana, Theravada, Tibetan, Nichiren and…
Mahayana Buddhism
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Zen Buddhism by Zen Master Bo Hum

Zen Buddhism by Zen Master Bo Hum
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American Buddhist Congress

A non-sectarian council of organizations and Sangha representing all traditions and ethnicities.
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Buddha Brilliant

Buddha T-shirts, Buddha statues, Funny T-shirts, feng shui items, Buddha everything at Buddha…
Theravada-Hinayana Buddhism
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Hell's Buddhas

Spiritual pilgrims join together for a 5-month circumnavigation of the Indian continent, on…
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Kharma Khameleon

Offering altar supplies, dharma books and statues, incense, healing crystals and jewelry, handmade…
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Religion of Korea

Religion Christianity Catholic Confucianism Buddism Great diversity of religious traditions include…
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Re:What are the differences and simiularities between Hindu and Buddism.

Re:What are the differences and simiularities between Hindu and Buddism. [ Follow Ups ] [ Post…

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