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Omeopathy, Olistic Medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki, Shiatsu...

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Health University, The

natural health education, distance learning courses, medical/nursing colleges in natural health or…
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Herbal Healer Academy

Alternative medicine. Naturopathic doctor phone support. Bulk herbs, teas, vitamins. Colloidal…
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Herbal Pacs And Lavender Eye Pillows

products that relieve pain and stress with a natural herbal process.
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Heritage Store

featuring Edgar Cayce remedies, homeopathy, holistic, herbal, alternative, massage, psoriasis, hair,…
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Hilton Lifestream

optimising your health camp; well-being. Since 1963, natural nutritional products. Vitamins, herbs,…
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Hot Rod Your Head

dedicated to the idea that your mind has unlimited learning potential for improvement.
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House of Health

offering natural products, supplements and herbs from two locations in the Triad area.
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Identicard S.A.

dealer and importer of natural products, Ginseng, magnetic wrist bracelet among others , plastic…
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Institute of Transcendent Analysis International, The

Explore your own Inner Dimensions for the purposes of self-realization, self-improvement, or healing…
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International Antiaging Systems

specialise in anti-aging, longevity, enhancement, and prevention of age related diseases and…

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