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Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Spiritual Regeneration

Yoga & Nature Retreat

PG  -  From  29/08/2016  to  04/09/2016
Join us for a week of Yoga, Nature and complete relaxation in the beautiful and enchanting Val di Chiana. In collaboration with Tuscanumbrialive, a joint group of venues nestled in the territory of…
Italy   -  Spiritual Regeneration
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Farm Holidays

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Intensive Retreat with Govinda Kai

Zollino (Lecce)  -  From  03/09/2016  to  10/09/2016
This week will be the first major section of the 9month intensive program launched by Govinda Kai this year, which will culminate in India in 2017. In this time together in glorious Italy, we will…
Italy   -  Farm Holidays
Event  -  Spiritual Regeneration

New Year's Eve with Dolphins: Back Home

Marsa Alam  -  From  30/12/2016  to  08/01/2017
From 30/12/2016 to 08/01/2017 Sataya Lagoon, Red Sea, Egypt One week cruise on a yacht. Swimming with Dolphins is an experience that can chabge your life Forever. They are our Brothers, always…
Egypt   -  Spiritual Regeneration
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Spiritual Regeneration

Inside-Out: A Journey of Movement for Body & Soul

Riparbella (Pi)  -  From  14/06/2017  to  19/06/2017
Devote 5 days to yourself in this nature paradise in Tuscany, exploring your natural rhythm, relaxing, recharging, returning to inner silence. Using elements of dance improvisation, authentic movement…
Italy   -  Spiritual Regeneration
Travel / Holidays / Retreats  -  Spiritual Regeneration

Dolphins and Desert: In the Depth of the Soul

Vigonza (Padova)  -  From  15/07/2017  to  22/07/2017
In the Silence and in the Peace is possible to feel what for a long time have believed not to Exist!!! In the Joy created by the contact with the Dolphins and by Smile we give Energy to what has begun…
Egypt   -  Spiritual Regeneration
Seminar  -  Spiritual Regeneration

Sensitive Tango™ holiday

Monticello Amiata (Grosseto)  -  From  05/08/2017  to  12/08/2017
7 days of holiday , immersed in the enchanting Maremma, all to be explored... 7 days to explore the world of tango and treat yourself to psychophysical wellbeing The participants will be guests in…
Italy   -  Spiritual Regeneration

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Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Dance and Voice

Lipari (Messina)  -  From  30/06/2018  to  08/07/2018
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Discovery week in Tuscany: Yoga and Synergistic Gardening

Chianciano Terme (Italia/Siena)  -  From  26/05/2018  to  03/06/2018
Travel / Holidays / Retreats

Natural Yoga Flow

Viella (Lérida)  -  From  10/04/2018  to  14/04/2018

Body-Soul Re-Balancing

Tinajo (Las Palmas)  -  From  22/07/2018  to  29/07/2018

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