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Experiential Venezuelan Shamaness retreat with medium Jessica

Torricella Peligna (CH) - From  20/07/2024  to  25/07/2024



In: Torricella Peligna - (CH) - Italy Date: From  20/07/2024  to  25/07/2024
Time: 09.00-20.00Price: 1440,00
Where:  La voce della Terra, Via dell'Evoluzione 1, Torricella Peligna, 66010, CH   -  Abruzzo (IT)
Tel: 3714959799   -   Category:  Spiritism


El Despertar del Alma
Unique event in Italy

An experiential journey of the magical world of Maria Lionza, an indigenous and Venezuelan deity expression of Mother Earth with whom we would come into contact as co-actors of a sacred theater, where archetypal forces are embodied in mythical characters through the Medium to soothe human discomfort by giving evolutionary proposals to awaken our sensory abilities, and to achieve our intentions. In this context, evolution is a state of total presence of mind, body and spirit, without the aid of plants or psychotropic substances.
Venezuelan shamanism retreat with the shaman medium Jessica who brings her gift of the incorporation of spirits of light to the service of the individual and collective evolution of the human being. It will be in Italy from June to August and the 6 and 2-day retreats will be an experiential immersion in the maria lionciera tradition, a set of very ancient indigenous practices originating from the Yaracuy Sort Mountain.
The rituals that will be learned and received are: offering to mother earth and to the spirits of nature, divination with tobacco, cigar reading, channeling of the personal oracle, deep energetic cleansing, liberaciones of the family tree, vibrational eating, baths with medicinal plants, massages with medicated oils, rituals of velaciones to fix new intentions in the personal auric field, theoretical and practical lessons on Venezuelan shamanism and its instruments, sacred chants, consecration of musical instruments and candles, collective ritual – babalao, embajata – consultation with the spirit.

The price includes accomodation in shared yurt tents. If you have any special needs, we are open toaccompany you.
We look forward to seeing you

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