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Holistic Tour “The Way of Breath” Sahara Tunisia

Parc National Jbil (TUNISIA) - From  11/11/2023  to  18/11/2023



In: Parc National Jbil - (TUNISIA) - Tunisia Date: From  11/11/2023  to  18/11/2023
Time: 16;30 Tunisia time
Where:  Gran Sud - Deserto - Tunisia, Parc National Jbil, 4200, TUNISIA   -   (TN)
Tel: 333.5210510   -   Category:  Meditation


“The Way of Breath”
In the of Sahara
Holistic Desert Experience
hosted by Atmo Dhara & Irene Sameera

the Holistic Tour Journey in the deep South of Tunisia
in collaboration with Alì Bouki and team
Together in a new but ancient location, the cradle of ancestral memories, Africa, in the midst of the energies of the 11.11 Portal that will accompany, support and nourish us in this experience.
8 days and 7 magical, enchanting, unique and unrepeatable nights that will lead us into an unusual space-time?: we will discover through our Breath new interior spaces, a greater opening and expansion of the spiritual heart, thus welcoming the other outside of us who is actually an integral part of us “Mitakuye Oyasin” in Lakota “We are all connected - We are One”.
8 days and 7 nights that will lead us on an unusual multi-sensory journey?: we will breathe new scents, we will nourish ourselves with colors and their beauty, we will be able to perceive matter in a different form; fire? will it be our companion of the night, together with the Moon? priestess of the Spirit, after we greet the sun ? at sunset we will dance around the fire, to the rhythm of our beating heart? and of our soul connected to the place we are exploring.
All this will naturally lead us to reconnect with our ancestral memories "Who are you - Why are you here - where do you come from - where are you going".
There will be no shortage of sharing circles, pure fun and exploration, joy and laughter, ancient stories of the place shared by the Berbers, in the night and under a starry sky, typical of the Sahara. Marvelous.


“God created the lands with lakes and rivers for man to live on. And the desert so that he can find his soul again"
– Tuareg proverb –


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