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Kiara Windrider in Italy - The only date for nearby Austria and Slovenia

Gradisca d'Isonzo - From  04/05/2017  to  10/05/2017



In: Gradisca d'Isonzo - (Gorizia) - Italy Date: From  04/05/2017  to  10/05/2017
Time: Workshop: Sat 6 and Sun 7 May 2017 9 am to 7 pm
Where:  Hotel Franz, Viale Trieste 45, Gradisca d'Isonzo, 34072, Gorizia   -  Friuli-Venezia Giulia (IT)
Tel: 3478924763   -   Category:  Personal Development   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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Awake in the Dream


4-10 MAY 2017
Gradisca d'Isonzo (GO)

Kiara Windrider Awake in the Dream Udine/Gradisca

Open introduction to Kiara Windrider's teachings
Thursday 4 May 2017, 8.15-11.15 pm
Libreria Perlanima, via S. Vito 19 (Sala 1° piano) - UDINE (see map below)
Friday 5 May 2017, 8-11 pm
Hotel Franz, viale Trieste 45 - GRADISCA D'ISONZO (GO) (see map below)

Entrance to the evening introduction: 10.00 Euro.

As we learn to expand our perception of reality, we learn to understand that any event and external circumstance is nothing but a reflection of our internal world and that anything 'out there' is simply an aspect of One Universal Conscience extending through space and time. It is no different from a night dream, where characters are created, directed and expressed through a unique oniric conscience.
Once we are aware of all this, we can find in ourselves the power to understand and shape both our personal history and the journey of the human and planetary evolution, using the same approach as in lucid dreams. Our consciousness of being awake while we are in the Dream is called Realization of Self or Illumination.

Illumination is way too often presented as something mystical, an experience to seek or a state to be achieved. This is a misconception, however, which creates false expectations and leads to an obsessive quest. Illumination is not an experience to make, but an awareness to gain. It's the simple understanding of what we ALREADY are and have ALWAYS been. Realizing this simple truth helps us lift the veil of the material illusion that keeps us trapped in duality and separation, allowing us to establish a new relationship with the world around us.

This 2-day workshop offers practices and teachings to go through the illusion of separation and awake in the Dream of our existence.

The workshop will include Inca practices, Ilahinoor, Gaianoor, Shamanic Breathing and Sufi Dances, and it will offer an Advaita training. Practices will include individual meditations, exercises in couples, and group work.


Awake in the Dream
Workshop Programma

Collective planetary awakening
The evolutionary process – Planetary cycles – Galactic pulse and superwave – Magnetic field reversal - Biologic alchemy and mass Quantic Jump - How to exit the olographic box - Journey into healing: restructuring DNA – Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Human - Supramental Light – Mission of the New Age Planetary Guardians - 2017 planetary updates.

Kiara's account and experiences
What Ilahinoor is and how it was revealed - Spiritual experiences with dolphins, whales and the Transmission of Consciousness – Meeting Windrider, his already ascended Higher Self coming from the future – Mount Shasta, the Ascended Masters and Dimensional Portals - Experience of two parallel dimensions: spacetime jump - Meeting Don Alejandro, shamanic leader and Mayas' spokesman - Meeting shaman Zulu Credo Mutwa and the extraterrestrial Reptilian race.

Initiation to Ilahinoor, the Divine Light
The Ilahinoor bridge and its points – Basic treatment - Self treatment - Olographic Merkaba activation – Treatment of the spinal column - Treatment of Chakras' diagonals - Long distance treatment - Ilahinoor for newborn babies and for the dying – Ilahinoor on animals.

Initiation to Inkanoor, Incas' Light
Practices to open bridges between worlds - Sami and Hucha - The 7 Nawi - "Light Bubble" and Poqpo Nawi activation - Inka Muyu: the Sun of the Galacting Centre within ourselves - Qosqo Nawi, the spiritual stomach and Hucha Michui, the alchemic digestive process to transform heavy, personal, karmic and planetary energies into Light - Building the Tree of Life within our subtle energy bodies.

Initiation to Gaianoor, Mother Gaia's Light
DNA activation technique for the new human/divine species.

Workshop with Kiara Windrider
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May 2017
Hotel Franz, viale Trieste 45 - Gradisca d'Isonzo (GO)

COST: 185.00 Euro
SCHEDULE: Saturday 9 am-7 pm / Sunday 9.30 am-7 pm
Limited admission, registration requested.
Participation to be confirmed within Thursday 4 May 2017

Individual treatments with Kiara Windrider
Monday 8, Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 May 2017
Bed & Breakfast Il Pellegrino, via Dante Alighieri 33 - Sagrado (GO) (2 km far from Hotel Franz)
COST: 90.00 Euro
SCHEDULE: from 9.15 am (first trattamento of the morning) to 7.30 pm (last treatment of the day)
Limited admission, booking requested.

Organized by Ahau Eventi Olistici
For information, registration and booking please contact: / +39 347 8924763 (Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm)

Official languages of the event: English and Italian


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