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New Year's Eve with Dolphins: Back Home

Marsa Alam - From  30/12/2016  to  08/01/2017



In: Marsa Alam - Egypt Date: From  30/12/2016  to  08/01/2017
Time: ..Price: 1100 €
Where:  Egypt, Marsa Alam, Laguna di Sataya, Sataya Reef, Marsa Alam, Marsa Alam, 00000   -   (EG)
Tel: 347 9086866   -   Category:  Spiritual Regeneration

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From 30/12/2016 to 08/01/2017

Sataya Lagoon, Red Sea, Egypt

One week cruise on a yacht.

Swimming with Dolphins is an experience that can chabge your life Forever.

They are our Brothers, always considered to be Messengers of the Gods and Guides in the journey of the Soul.

Swimming with Them, We re-enter fully in ourselves and we will recover our capacity of Being and to choose what to bring in our Lives, since it is in the State of Love and Joy that we free ourselves from conventions and beliefs, and remember how to use all our Creative Power.

Starting the New Year with a different choice, a choice of Harmony and Fun ...

An experience that has the flavor of Joy, the Majestic and Freedom ...

A wonderful opportunity to get back Home, to remember where we come from and where we are going ...

... To become again the Kings and Queens of our Life!

Every day, in this trip, we will be immersed in Beauty, Sensory and Energy.

To integrate consciously every moment of this experience, we will be supported by Reiki, by Meditation, by Zen Tarot, by a dialogue with our body, so that the Magic inside us can create Magic out of us.


Arrival at Hurghada airport. Transfer organized to reach the port of Marsa Alam, where we board the yacht and set sail to reach Sataya Lagoon.

We welcome the new year with a New Year Party onto the sea and in the morning we wake up to Sataya, where we can immerse ourselves with the Dolphins and start this Magical Experience.

On 01/07/2017 at the port of Marsa Alam we leave the boat and we

transfer to an Hotel in Hurghada, until departure of flight.


Martina Stella Babbetto

Operator Usui Reiki second level, Karuna Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master of Atlantis Dolphins.

Through Reiki I help people to reconnect to their soul, and find within themselves the answers and keys to access the Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Love that resides in each of us.

I had the Joy of swimming with dolphins several times and each time was a unique experience.

They have played a very important role in my journey of personal growth, in making me get in touch with the Voice of My soul, and still accompany me every day in my life and in my choices.

Now I live in Egypt and I can easily meet them. I am immensely grateful for this.

Here I also deal with all the practical organization of the trip.

I am at my fourth experience as an Organizer of Travel for Swimming with Dolphins.

Noemi Fiorentino

Psychologist, Prano Therapy, Dancing, Bioenergetic.

In the context of Dance and Improvisation I work a lot with the body, so that it can be felt more and more and can be considered an ally of our Soul, as an intermediary between the physical and the spiritual. I help people to become aware of their body and its expressive and creative possibilities.

My training in Bioenergetics allowed me to deepen the bond between body and emotions.

When I help others, I speak to their body, but also to their soul, through the Zen Tarot readings.

The Dolphins have called me a long time ago and, today, thanks to Stella Martina, I am ready to answer.

For information and reservations:


Noemi 0039 347 9086866

Martina Stella Babbetto (via Messenger calls)


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