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RPT Rapid Personal Transformation Course

Firenze - From  12/04/2019  to  21/04/2019



In: Firenze - (FI) - Italy Date: From  12/04/2019  to  21/04/2019
Time: 9am to 6 pm on 7 days, two weekends and a MondayPrice: 950 euros
Where:  TBA Hotel in Firenze, Firenze, Firenze, 50100, FI   -  Toscana (IT)
Tel: anto75uk Skype   -   Category:  Psychotherapy   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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Learn RPT in Italy! A unique chance to learn from the founder of RPT Simon Rose this amazing state of the art technology to clear all kinds of trauma easily, quickly, painlessly and permanently (we will work on life traumas but also on birth, womb and ancestral traumas) and to enjoy a holiday in Florence and its gorgeous countryside.

RPT is therapy and personal development done right. It’s the only technique that can guarantee lasting, permanent results. What’s more, RPT can solve your problems and heal traumas:

Without having to talk about the problem

Without needing to relive painful or traumatic memories

Without requiring months or years of counselling

Without having to wait to see the results.

RPT is a set of tools for quick, painless, permanent change.
You can heal traumas!

More details below and on the website:

RPT is extremely effective. We can heal almost all cases of emotional traumas and wounds, most cases of emotional problems (relationship issues, self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, etc), and many physical ailments and health challenges which stem from self-sabotage and/or trauma.
We have a 95% success rate.

RPT is based on 15 years research by the founder, Simon Rose, and a team of other trainers and developers. The team include psychologists, geneticists, neurologists, and a wide range of healers and therapists across many fields. Almost all therapies have some elements of truth and some elements of success. There are some underlying mechanisms in all these techniques that work sometimes (but not always). Simon’s insight was to
refine these techniques to identify active ingredients: “de-armouring” (the removal of selfsabotage); finding the beginning; and acknowledgement.
Lots of techniques use one, two or all three of these ingredients (whether they know it or not), but no techniques have used all three active ingredients in a systematic way to get guaranteed results. Only RPTdraws this knowledge together to achieve consistent results.

Level 1 RPT: Healing That Works

The Level 1 RPT course is for:

Experienced therapists who want to integrate these extraordinary tools into their existing practice;

People who want to become therapists or learn simple techniques to help others (friends, children, etc);

Ordinary people just like you, who want to improve their own life with these tools (without needing someone else’s help to change).

There are two types of healing techniques or therapies: a “bypass” to get a temporary result, and a permanent change. Almost every single therapy that exists is a bypass. That is why you feel good for a while but the results do not last forever. RPT is designed to yield permanent results.

The full course contents include:

The different mind centers (extended Triune Brain Model);
How to bring the minds into oneness or “coherence”;
How to feel empathy for your client or another person and know their emotional state (the “pretending technique”);
How and why trauma is stored in the body, how to quickly release trauma from the body without re-living it;
Why trauma happens and how to prevent it;
How to restore missing parts of the self (feelings, skills,insights) in order to make permanent change and prevent recurrence of trauma;
How and why people have hidden benefits from their symptoms and how to remove these;
Self-sabotage behaviour - why people act against their own best interests and how to eliminate this;
A simple process of Manifestation (attracting more of what you want into your life);

Level 2 RPT: Re-Conception and Key Developmental Events

Level 2 RPT takes you on a unique journey that seems to turn the very concept of therapy inside out. This is literally something unique and it achieves extraordinary results. There are countless therapies in the world, but absolutely nothing like this.

The course is divided into four distinct sections which are best described separately:
* The Art of Re-Conception
* The Key Developmental Events Model
* The easy way to heal Birth Trauma
* The Journey of the Soul

The Art of Re-Conception

Many aspects of our life, health, abundance, relationship patterns and more are written in stone (metaphorically) at the moment of our conception.
In the Re-Conception we create an intuitive blueprint or map for how our parents connected with each other and how their dynamic related to your conception.
The results from this process are remarkable. In fact we use this technique whenever a client has a problem that we cannot solve. If there is a symptom with no known cause (especially if it is tied up with their “story” of who they are), this is the technique to change it.

The Key Developmental Events Model

There are approximately 10 key moments that occur to every person around the time of conception. These moments include ovulation, fertilisation and implantation. “Micro-traumas” occur to the sperm, to the egg and the fertilised zygote during their journey. Whilst tiny, these micro-traumas create what are called epigenetic changes. These are the hidden keys to your health and well-being.
Each of the developmental events opens the door to healing and changing a different part of your life.

These doorways include:

* healing of sexual, emotional and physical abuse trauma;
* re-balancing of healthy levels of masculine and feminine
* releasing parasitic behaviour patterns and protecting
yourself against parasites (human or microbes);
*adjusting easily to rapid change and growth;
* no longer feeling a need to hide or be invisible in order to
feel safe; and many more.

The best part about the Key Developmental Event (KDE) work is that we already know what the keys are. In every other therapy it is necessary to spend hours digging to find the root causes of your problems. But with the KDE work, we already know the cause. The only question is “how profoundly are you able to change today?”

The easy way to heal Birth Trauma

The moment of birth is arguable the most defining moment in our physical existence and there is no doubt that this moment had an impact on us, just consider: your first decisions or associations about the world – e.g. is it safe for me or not? - are made in this moment. There are healing tchniques devoted just to this
question of healing birth trauma but generally these techniques require many sessions of heavy breathing techniques and some people find that the treatment is almost as traumatic as the original problem!
RPT provides an incredibly safe, gentle and easy way to heal the trauma of birth. The most important step is to transform your emotional state (recorded in your body’s memory) just before, during and after the birth process.
Some of the most remarkable instant healing (including instant physical changes) that we have seen in RPT occurred immediately after using this gentle birth trauma release.

Journey of the Soul

Get more details and read the FAQ on the website:

Simon Rose

Simon Rose is the founder of RPT. He is the expert that many psychologists call when they cannot help someone. He is a leading authority on emotional therapy who wrote the new guidelines for how therapists should help their clients. His techniques have solved some of the most significant problems in psychology and medicine. Simon has taught these techniques to many thousands of doctors, psychologists and complementary therapists in 20 different countries.
Before RPT, Simon worked as a corporate lawyer in a large Australian law firm and as an investment banker in London. He started exploring therapy and alternative healing techniques after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2003. After receiving significant personal results from alternative therapies, Simon trained to become a therapist and a teacher of alternative therapies.
The defining moment for Simon (and the discovery of RPT) came in 2008. After a major personal crisis Simon realised that there was a major problem with all established therapies. Despite the promises, they cannot get to the bottom of a client's problem. They can help a person, but never in a permanent way. In fact, the best and most successful therapies work mostly on a placebo effect. What that means is that either the client doesn’t heal (50%) or they do heal, but the problem will come back later (50%).
Simon dedicated his life to understanding this and creating a permanent solution to people's problems. He succeeded in various stages, starting with the first introduction of RPT in 2009 up until the official launch of the completed technique in 2015. In doing so, Simon solved some of the most significant problems in modern psychotherapy such as dealing with secondary gains and self-sabotage. Simon's modern solutions are taught around the world to therapists and to ordinary people who want to change their life in a meaningful and permanent way.

The investment for both levels, which are intended to be taken together is 950 euros including the practice day, 900 euros without the practice day. If you only want to take RPT1 (including the practice day) the cost is 650 euros. Payments via Paypal only

The nearest airports are Florence, Pisa and Bologna. Directions from there can be given and pickup arranged. It is of course better to arrive at least 1 day before the course starts. There are different choices of hotels and airbnb in the vicinity


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