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The Feminine Fire in each of us: awareness and empowerment

Osimo (AN) - From  25/10/2018  to  28/10/2018



In: Osimo (AN) - (Ancona) - Italy Date: From  25/10/2018  to  28/10/2018
Time: From 17:00 on 25 October to 09:00 on 28 OctoberPrice: €550
Where:  B&B Bellafiora, Osimo, Via Bellafiora 18, 60027, Osimo (AN), 60027, Ancona   -  Marche (IT)
Category:  Mediums, Sensitives   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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This workshop is aimed at men and women who feel their creative energy pulsating, feel a thrust to

express, but also feel something that holds them, blocks, impediments that result in impediments

to thinking, impediments of movement, even physical , to act.

The action starts from a vibrational state of release. It is the release of energies that, in reality,

leads to action, to produce, to create, to co-create.

This workshop, therefore, wants to transfer the concept of feminine energy as a creative, inspiring

energy, of renewal, of change, of breaking old patterns. It is the same energy that we all have and

that is in the energy, in the spirit of the Earth, with which it is necessary that humanity rejoins in this

moment of marvelous evolution.

This occurs through breath, meditation and sound. The exercises we will carry out will lead to an

understanding of who we really are and to the harmonization of our vibrational state, a rebalancing

of the part of female energy and the understanding of its expression, through the perception of

one's emotional states, the feeling of the Self.

Individual and group mediumistic communications will be part of the activities to support each

participant’s spiritual growth path.

Co-writing with Sabrina’s Spiritual Guides


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