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Workshop of ZhiNeng QiGong with Lu Zhengdao

Codogno (Lodi) - From  23/04/2019  to  30/04/2019



In: Codogno - (Lodi) - Italy Date: From  23/04/2019  to  30/04/2019
Time: from mornig to evening all the days
Where:  Aldea Lua Nova, Cascina Monte Cucco, Codogno, 6900, Lodi   -  Lombardia (IT)
Category:  Olistic Medicine   -  Web site:  Go to the website

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«To be conscious means to unify all mental activities so that they may become only one thought, this brings around great changes in the vital functions. Internal investigation is the cultivation of the body, it is the foundation. External investigation is the application. If the foundation is strong, the application is vast. So qigong practice raises our ability to use the mind in everyday’s activities. In the study of qigong there is nothing special that differentiates diseases. What is special it the mental attitude.»

The main aim of qigong practice is to recognize the true master, to go beyond the false conditioning, to free oneself of the limitations of the reference system and to achieve freedom of the mind.
Conscious or intentional use of the mind is the secret and the essence of the qigong practice. Qigong is a practice that strengthens physical and mental health through the conscious use of the mind, internal focalization of mental activity. The effect of control by mental activity on one’s vital functions is carried out through the effect on qi and body.

In the enchanting frame of an old Italian country house in Lombardy, surrounded by fields and by a vast garden with tall willows and trees, the intensive retreat on the true self is waiting for you!

What we shall do during the workshop
• Theory and practice according to doctor Pang Ming’s teachings.
• Body, mind and qi connected in a state of harmonious entirety through special exercises.
• Concentration, relaxation and consciousness during the exercises.
• Walks or horse riding in the surrounding countryside.
• Exercises in nature, under tall leafy trees, in the beautiful garden of the Cascina (country house).
The workshop is open to everybody, beginner and advanced students, although it is advisable to have at least a basic knowledge of qigong (for this purpose an Introductory course to ZNQG will be held on April 6-7 2019).

Master Lu Zhengdao completed the course of 1993-1995 (one of the two classes taught directly by Pang Ming himself). After his degree he worked as assistant of Pang Ming in Hua Xia Centre, helping students and sharing his understanding of the theory of ZNQG. He has special abilities in healing and in explaining the most complex theorical issues in a clear and simple way.
He is a member of the Big Harmonious Family, teaching in China, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zeland… For his warm heart and his sense of humour he is very appreciated by students. Lu teaches with passion, showering a great harmony around himself.


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