Tue, 01 December 2020


Don’t Microwave Library Books!

Nor any other book, as for that. A US library took to Facebook to share its outrage over people's latest attempts to disinfect public property, like library books.

"Noooooooo!!!!!! Oh no no no," Tampa Bay Library Consortium captioned a picture of a book badly burnt after borrowers tried microwaving it to kill germs.

The book was loaned out from Temple Terrace Public Library in Florida, where staff assured everyone that books were disinfected safely before being loaned out again. "Temple Terrace and all Hillsborough County Library Cooperative libraries quarantine all materials for 72 hours after they are returned. Please do NOT attempt to microwave library materials as the RFID tags, located inside, will catch fire. Stay safe out there," they shared on Facebook.

It comes after news stories in the US that claimed people could sanitise library books by placing them in the microwave. Other public libraries have noted similar behaviour, urging people to be aware that trying to microwave the books can cause serious harm.

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Date: 17 July 2020
Credits Publisher: Spiritual News


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