Thu, 06 May 2021


The 'Lockdown Brain'

It's around a year since Covid lockdown restrictions were imposed across the world. Coping during this period of national incarceration has been a mental battle – and experts say the dramatic change to our lifestyles, coupled with unprecedented levels of stress, has aged our brains.

If you've been feeling more forgetful, unable to concentrate, and stumbling over the right words, you could be experiencing what's being referred to as "lockdown brain".

To combat its effects there are a few tricks. For example, try a snooze – researchers in Germany have shown memory improves after taking a nap.

Give your brain a workout by learning a new language, or spending dedicated time on anything outside your lockdown routine – it can even be something as simple as working for the day in a different room.

To improve your verbal fluency, the advice is to have as many proper conversations as possible – say hello to a stranger on your walk, or exchange a few words when buying groceries.

To protect your mood against the effects of loneliness, don’t allow yourself to be buried in work but consciously make contact. Couples and families should do chores together as it provides an opportunity to open up and reconnect.

An easy solution to improving concentration is introducing anything new into your daily routine. Even walking down a new street or meeting a new person can wake the brain up again.

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Date: 19 March 2021
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