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Alessia Rosati

At: MonterotondoAddress: Via Arcangeli Federici - 00015 Monterotondo - Roma - IT
Web site: Go to the websiteCategories: Vibrational Technique, Energy Based Techniques
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Holistic consultant

Methods and techniques:

0psych-K, Hwp Psych-K
Channeling Angels

What do I get with a holistic counseling?
Through the use of Psych-K® or other techniques, according to need of the customer, you may be obtained, for example:

-reducing stress and anxiety

-increase career opportunities

-get the relationships you want and you deserve

-Increase your mental and physical wellbeing

-put into practice the great healing power of your mind

-increase sports performance

-Get the abundance in every aspect of your life

-rilease post-traumatic stress

-Making fears and phobias in peace

-delete harmful habits (smoking, overeating, ...)

-Accelerate our spiritual development.

The extraordinary power and effectiveness is given by the combination of some advanced methodologies and extraordinarily natural such as the use of kinesiological tests, or the ability to connect to a higher level and receive information from the Angels and the Archangels.

The course "ANGEL-K the key of the Angels", at the training school Positive Living.
Of course Alessia says: "When you feel that there are things you need to do, just do it!"

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can change his life by simply changing their mindset" William Jame


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